Valid AIC publications.

A notice containing information that does not qualify for the origination of a NOTAM or for inclusion in the AIP, but which relates to flight safety, air navigation, technical, administrative or legislative matters.

In Norway, Avinor Information Management dept. publishes AIC serie A, while the Norwegian CAA publishes serie I (click here) and N (click here). 


NumberTitlePublishedValdi toPDF
04/1992Traffic information and glider operations in controlled airspace, class D and E26.3.1992UFNPDF
03/2014Notice of planned expansion of mandate for data link services in the North Atlantic (NAT) region10.2.2014UFNPDF
04/2015Guidelines for flights with complex routing in Norway FIR25.6.2015UFNPDF
03/2017Free Route Airspace operations between NEFAB FRA and DK-SE FAB FRA13.4.2017UFNPDF
09/2018Changed design to threshold and runway lighting and marking of RWY turn pads13.6.2018UFNPDF
06/2019Partial deletion of ATS routes within FRA areas of  following  NEFAB states: Estonia, Finland and Norway20.12.2019UFNPDF
02/2020ENEV - Reduced RWY length APR 2021 - JUL 202115.01.2020UFNPDF
04/2020ENKR - Reduced RWY length summer-winter 2020 and spring-summer 202127.02.2020UFNPDF
07/2020Changed lay-out of aerodrome ground charts in AIP Norway30.04.2020UFNPDF
09/2020NOTAM order for operators without an agreement with Avinor20.10.2020UFNPDF
01/2021Parking charges for general aviation15.02.2021UFNPDF
02/2021New website for the publication of operational hours on AIS portal22.04.2021UFNPDF