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Route opportunities

Unserved Routes

City pairFrom/ToDirect passengersIndirect passengersDistance (km)
BGO - BRUBergen to Brussels-158001047arrow-right
BGO - DUSBergen to Düsseldorf-225001007arrow-right
BGO - FRABergen to Frankfurt-384001162arrow-right
BGO - AALBergen to Aalborg-12000446arrow-right
BGO - LISBergen to Lisbon-127002595arrow-right
OSL - DELOslo to Delhi-340005977arrow-right
OSL - HKGOslo to Hongkong-302008559arrow-right
OSL - LEDOslo to Sankt Petersburg-293001066arrow-right
OSL - MNLOslo to Manila-263009677arrow-right
OSL - SELOslo to Seoul-273007701arrow-right
OSL - SGNOslo to Ho-Chi-Minh-City-247009275arrow-right
OSL - SHAOslo to Shanghai-333009275arrow-right
OSL - TYOOslo to Tokyo-344008392arrow-right
OSL - WASOslo to Washington DC-311008392arrow-right
SVG - FRAStavanger to Frankfurt-2130010022arrow-right
SVG - GOTStavanger to Gøteborg-18900412arrow-right
SVG - MUCStavanger to Munich-158001239arrow-right
SVG - PARStavanger to Paris-266001135arrow-right
TRD - BERTrondheim to Berlin-215001227arrow-right
TRD - FRATrondheim to Frankfurt-164001502arrow-right
TRD - GOTTrondheim to Gøteborg-16700650arrow-right
TRD - MUCTrondheim to Munich-208001682arrow-right
TRD - PARTrondheim to Paris-179001682arrow-right
TOS - PARTromsø to Paris-215001682arrow-right
TOS - BERTromsø to Berlin-206001934arrow-right
BOO - CPHBodø to Copenhagen-125001301arrow-right
EVE - CPHHarstad/Narvik, Evenes to Copenhagen-106001449arrow-right
KKN - STOKirkenes to Stockholm-87001285arrow-right
SVG - BERStavanger to Berlin60019300859arrow-right
OSL - SINOslo to Singapore-3950010036arrow-right

Underserved Routes

City pairFrom/ToDirect passengersIndirect passengersDistance (km)
BGO - BERBergen to Berlin42200258001001arrow-right
BGO - HAMBergen to Hamburg1340035500796arrow-right
BGO - MANBergen to Manchester2000020200897arrow-right
BGO - MUCBergen to Munich16000224001394arrow-right
BGO - STOBergen to Stockholm10870041100727arrow-right
OSL - ATHOslo to Athens36100331002636arrow-right
OSL - BKKOslo to Bangkok113900348008678arrow-right
OSL - GVAOslo to Geneva48700378001587arrow-right
OSL - LAXOslo to Los Angeles29800332008601arrow-right
OSL - MADOslo to Madrid72000339002415arrow-right
OSL - MIAOslo to Miami51700353007628arrow-right
OSL - MILOslo to Milan128500398001511arrow-right
OSL - ORLOslo to Orlando20000215007427arrow-right
OSL - SFOOslo to San Francisco27100344008362arrow-right
OSL - ZRHOslo to Zurich92700259001426arrow-right
SVG - CPHStavanger to Copenhagen9940016600557arrow-right
SVG - LONStavanger to London16110024800900arrow-right
SVG - MANStavanger to Manchester2810016200787arrow-right
SVG - MILStavanger to Milan700191001511arrow-right
SVG - STOStavanger to Stockholm1300042600712arrow-right
TRD - AMSTrondheim to Amsterdam31400114001293arrow-right
TRD - CPHTrondheim to Copenhagen3770034100879arrow-right
TRD - HELTrondheim to Helsinki470011200815arrow-right
TRD - LONTrondheim to London61700261001484arrow-right
TRD - STOTrondheim to Stockholm2920028100596arrow-right
TOS - CPHTromsø to Copenhagen3600254001598arrow-right
TOS - LONTromsø to London35200253002257arrow-right
TOS - MUCTromsø to Munich3000178002257arrow-right
TOS - STOTromsø to Stockholm13300141001155arrow-right
BOO - STOBodø to Stockholm60012200903arrow-right