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You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about My profile here.

I’m getting the message "something went wrong and your email is already registered" but cannot log in. What should I do?
Try logging in with your mobile telephone number. You will receive a code via SMS. Click "Profile" and select "Delete my profile". Then log in again with your email address.

Can I add a credit card to "My profile"?
Yes, you can add a credit card. 

I haven't received an SMS with my log-in code. What should I do?
The SMS code you receive is valid for 10 minutes. If the code arrives late, you should try again. 

I'm trying to log in, but the SMS code is invalid.
The SMS code you receive is valid for 10 minutes. If necessary, you should try to obtain a new code by logging in again with your mobile phone number. 

Can I get a ticket for parking via SMS?
No, unfortunately not. 

I haven't received a verification email from you.
Check whether the email is in your spam filter in your inbox. If not, try again and check that the email address you gave is correct.

How do I create a new password?
You can create a new password under "Profile" or by clicking on the “Forgotten password” link 

How do I delete a user profile?
You can delete a user profile by logging in and selecting "Delete my profile" under "Profile".

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?
Click "Forgotten password" and follow the steps.

Do you still need help?
Please contact us via the email address