Passports and visas

If you are flying abroad, you should bring your passport.

All children must have their own passport regardless of age.

While Norwegian citizens can travel without a passport in the Nordic countries, it's a good idea to bring it with because some hotels, camp sites etc. require a passport. All passports should be valid for 6 months after your scheduled return.Your local police district issues passports, which normally take 10 business days to process.

See passport applications on the police website.

Travelling to the U.S.

If you are planning a trip to the U.S. you must read important information about entering the U.S. on the embassy's website.

Travelling in the rest of the world

Outside the Nordic countries, a passport is the only valid ID for Norwegian citizens. A number of countries require visas, check the visa rules for your destination on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website.

Help, I need an emergency passport!

If you are unable to order an ordinary passport before you travel, you may, in certain circumstances, be issued an emergency passport by the police. At Oslo Airport, Sola, Flesland and Værnes you can contact the police unit at the airport to apply for an emergency passport.