Lost and found

Items lost or found on planes arriving at Oslo Airport, in the airport terminal, or on the trains to the airport will be handed over to the lost and found office. This also applies to items forgotten in the security check.


The lost and found office is located in the arrivals hall (opposite of the Airport Express Train terminal). Follow the signs to Lost and Found and Baggage Service.

Lost and found items can also be sent to your home address. We only send C.O.D. Contact us for further information.

Checked baggage?

If you have lost checked baggage or taken the wrong bag off the belt, Lost and Found cannot help you. You must then contact the handling agent for your airline. For more information go to your airline’s website.

Lost and found
Opening hours phone
05.00 - 22.00
Opening hours office 1. September - 30. April
05:00 - 24:00
Opening hours office 1. May - 31. August
Døgnåpent / 24 hours a day