Terms and conditions for the reservation of parking

Last updated, July 2018. The parties in this document are:

  • You - the person booking parking
  • Avinor - the owner of the website, the airports and parking areas
  • The parking operator - the seller of all parking services, appointed by Avinor

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These conditions are applicable for pre-booking of parking at Avinor's airports. Avinor AS is the owner of the website where you book parking as well as the parking areas themselves. The parking operator is the seller of the parking services and operates the customer care center.

If you have any questions please see our “Questions & Answers” page (which you can find on the booking page).

Can't find what you are looking for in “Questions and Answers”? You can contact the parking operator’s customer care. In chapter 2 further down, you will find the contact details of the parking operator for your airport.

By agreeing to these terms of purchase, you permit Avinor to send your information to the parking operator. The information will only be used in relation to your booking.

Reservation must as a rule be made no later than 2 hours prior to desired entry. You cannot book if there is less than 2 hours to entry. When you operate the calendar on the page, you can see the products and prices that are available for the period you have specified.

You can book parking logged into Min Profil or without being logged in. If you need help using Min Profil, there is a guide for this in the Questions and Answers pages on the website.

You will receive a booking confirmation by email which is your receipt for the purchase. Your reservation will be registered at entry based on automatic license plate recognition. Your car’s license plate number serves as your parking ticket.  This is described in the confirmation. It is your responsibility that license plate you register in the reservation is in accordance with the vehicle you are use when you park. See chapter 5 further down about changes you can make in your reservation.

You can change or cancel your reservation.This must be done no later than 24 hours after the booking was completed. If the product you have purchased can only be booked until 2 hours before entry, the same also applies for change/cancellation.

You cannot change or cancel a reservation once the parking time has started (for example, expand the parking time while parked).

The parking operator and Avinor are not responsible if you are not able to book parking, regardless of the reasons for this. The parking operator and Avinor are furthermore not responsible for any additional cost you might accrue as a result not being able to book.

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1. About the Website

These terms and conditions apply to the parking reservation conducted via www.avinor.no and all other URLs operated by Avinor AS. During the booking journey, you will be routed directly to our payment service provider, Nets. 

The airports, parking areas at the airports and the website www.avinor.no is owned by Avinor AS, a registered company in Norway.

Avinor AS | PB 150 | N-2061 Gardermoen | + 47 67 03 00 00 | Org. No. 985 198 292

2. The Parking Operator and Contact Information to Customer Centre

The parking operator acts as the seller of all parking services at airports on behalf of Avinor. This includes reservation/booking. The same conditions apply to booking of parking at all airports.

See the list to find the parking operator at your airport as well as the contact information to the parking operator's customer care.

Apcoa Parking Onepark
  Oslo Airport
  Alta Airport
  Bardufoss Airport
Bergen Airport  
  Bodø Airport
  Brønnøysund Airport
  Florø Airport
  Førde Airport
  Hammerfest Airport
  Harstad/Narvik Airport
  Kirkenes Airport
  Kristiansand Airport
  Kristiansund Airport
  Lakselv Airport
  Leknes Airport
  Mo i Rana Airport
  Molde Airport
  Mosjøen Airport
  Namsos Airport
  Røros Airport
  Rørvik Airport
  Sandane Airport
  Sandnessjøen Airport
  Sogndal Airport
Stavanger Airport  
  Stokmarknes Airport
  Svolvær Airport
  Tromsø Airport
Trondheim Airport  
  Vadsø Airport
  Ørsta-Volda Airport
  Ålesund Airport


Onepark AS | + 47 64 81 19 80 | lufthavn@onepark.no | Bøkkerveien 5, 0579 Oslo | Org.No. 998638984

Apcoa Parking AS (Europark) | + 47 22 05 75 00 | kundesenter@apcoa.no | Sandakerveien 138, 0484 Oslo | Org.No. 929292065

3. Order Confirmations and Receipts

When you pre-book parking, you will receive a confirmation to the email address you have provided. This will contain all the details for your reservation. The confirmation is also your receipt. It contains a unique booking reference number. A description of what to do when you arrive and leave the parking area is in this confirmation.

Your booking is personal and cannot be transferred to another person, to other vehicles or to a different airport or car park without correctly changing your reservation, see chapter 5.

Check the details in your confirmation and that they are correct. Your vehicle’s license plate number will be read the entry. The license plate number serves as your parking ticket. It is your responsibility that license plate number you register in the reservation is in accordance with the vehicle you use when you park. See also chapter 5 about changes you can make in your reservation.

4. Parking Products, Prices and Payment, Overstay

When you enter a desired parking period in the calendar function, the offerings available in this period will appear for you.

Reservations must in general be completed no later than 2 hours before the desired entry time. There may be products that deviate from this. These constraints will be described in the product description.

Products can have a minimum/maximum parking duration or other limitations. Products that do not meet your specification will not be displayed (for example, a weekend parking product will not be displayed if you select 1 week). These constraints will be described in the product description.

If no parking products are offered or the product you want is not offered, it may be the product has a constraint, you are too late, or that the product is sold out.

There are a defined number of spaces defined to each parking product. If you do not find the product you are looking for, it may be that the product is sold out. This does not mean that the parking area is full, spaces left on the parking site may be defined for drop-in parking.

If you overstay the time that you have booked, this will result in an overstay fee. This applies both if you arrive before the booked entry time or after the booked time of exit. You will be charged for the overstay, regardless of the reason for the overstay. The rates for overstay are the same as the regular drop-in parking. Overstay will only apply to time outside the booked period, it will not include the time you have already purchased. You will find the drop-in prices on our website. See also chapter 5 for correct change/cancellation of the reservation.

A booking only applies to one parking. That is, one entry with the following exit. You cannot enter and exit multiple times on the same reservation. If you drive out of the parking area earlier than reserved, the reservation will be considered as completed. If you drive back in within the same booking time, this will start a new parking session which you will be charged for in full.

Unused parking time in a reservation will not be refunded. See chapter 5 for correct change / cancellation of the reservation.

A booking applies to complete stay with one entry and one exit. If you attempt to extend the reservation by purchasing a new reservation, the new reservation will lack and entry be cancelled and first reservation lack an exit. This will result in overstay for which you are charged and you will not be entitled to a refund. See chapter 5 for correct change / cancellation of the reservation.

All prices on the website are displayed in Norwegian kroner and include VAT. The transaction will be marked with parking operator + airport name on the bank transcript.

Prices for booking products vary in time and may differ from the prices for drop-in parking. The prices displayed are only valid at the time of ordering and based on your choice of date, time and product. When you make a reservation, you accept this price at the time of purchase. The price may be different the next time you reserve parking.

Promotional offers involve a discount on a given product for a limited period of time. Our marketing should always be clear on these criteria. It is not possible to get promotional prices outside the given campaign period. Campaign products may have limited capacity and may be sold out in parts of the promotional period.

It is your responsibility to complete your reservation. Avinor and the parking operator are not responsible if you do not complete a reservation. Avinor and the parking operator are not responsible for any additional costs you may incur due to lack of booking. This applies for whatever reason; The device you use errors, the network you use errors, your credit card is not accepted, NETS payment service is down, our website is down and similar. When our site is down for maintenance, due notice will be given on the website so that you will be aware of this.

5. Change, Cancellation and Refund

You use the same website you reserved on to manage your reservation. A “Questions & Answers” page is found on the website and contains a description of how to manage bookings.

Change/cancellation must be done no later than 24 hours after the booking was completed. After this deadline, you will not be able to change / cancel. Some parking products cannot be changed / cancelled, or have a different time limit than mentioned above. This will be described in the product description when you order.

You can change the parking product and/or entry date/time. If one or more of these parameters changes, the old reservation will be cancelled and a new reservation will be created. You will automatically be refunded the amount for the "old" reservation and pay for the new reservation as normal. The original reservation is cancelled first when the new reservation is completed. Please note that if the parking item you wish to change to is sold out, you must choose an available product or cancel the reservation.

In such cases, you will receive a cancellation confirmation and a confirmation for the new reservation booking by e-mail.

You can change personal details such as your name, e-mail address and the vehicle’s license plate number. Changes to personal details will not imply an economic transaction and your original order will be retained. The license plate number can be changed up till 2 hours before the time of entry.

In such cases, you will receive a confirmation email for the change.

You cannot change or cancel a reservation after the entry time is passed. If you stay standing longer than your order, then this overstay will be treated as a regular drop-in parking and you be charged accordingly. See also chapter 4.

If you find that you have entered the parking area with a different license plate number to registered in the booking, please contact the parking operator immediately. You may be charged extra and it is your responsibility that there is compliance with the registered plate number in the booking and the car you choose to park with.

The same applies if you have driven into the wrong parking area. Please contact the parking operator immediately. The reservation is only valid in the parking area stated on the confirmation. It is your responsibility to ensure that you use the correct parking area.

All refunds will be automatically done to the credit card you used when making the original purchase. Refunds will never be made to another card or account. Depending on the credit card and bank you use, it may take up to one week before the amount is refunded. The bank and card issuer manage the repayment period.

Normally there are no fees for change / cancellation. If such fees are used, this will be clearly defined.

If Avinor or the parking operator accidentally change or cancel your reservation without your consent, we will refund the complete amount to the credit card used for the original payment.

Avinor and the parking operator are not liable for any changes that result from an incident beyond our reasonable control. Examples of such events are war, terror, labor disputes, natural disasters, fire, adverse weather conditions, government regulations and cancellation / change from airline companies. We will not make changes or cancel your order at such an event. You must make such changes or cancellations. We are also not obliged to refund payment in such situations.

No refund will be granted after the reserved entry time is passed.

Unused parking time will not be refunded.

No refund is granted unless you can refer to a booking reference / receipt with valid reference number.

No compensation or refund is granted due to defects or service interruption of the booking service (e.g. service is unavailable due to errors or upgrade, browser problems, network failure, malfunction of the device you reserve with etc.). Avinor and the parking operator are not obliged to refund any additional costs that may result from your order / change / cancellation. See also chapter 4.

No other refunds will be made beyond those described in these Terms.

6. Your Vehicle, Your Reservation and Your Parking - Your Responsibility

Avinor and parking operator are not responsible if you do not catch your flight or check-in if you have set off too short time for parking / transfer time to and from the terminal. Estimated normal distance / time from the car park to the terminal is described in the product description. Remember to set off sufficient time to find the parking area, a free space, pack out of the car etc. In high season (as in the holidays) it is recommended to set off extra time due to high traffic.

Avinor and parking operator ensure that the parking areas are as safe and secure as possible. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee 100% safety / security in the parking areas at all times. Signs in all our parking areas state that the traveler parks at his own risk and responsibility. This is the standard for the entire parking industry. Once you have parked your vehicle it is your responsibility to: lock it properly, carefully close all windows / doors / boot rooms, put on the handbrake, turn on any alarm, lock the boot and steering wheel etc. Do not leave animals or people in the car, make sure your belongings are placed in a locked safe room and are not easily visible and make sure that the vehicle is legally insured. Avinor and parking operator cannot be held liable for any loss or damage that occurs on the vehicle or property in case of failure to comply with the above.

Avinor / the parking operator are also not liable for: damage to your vehicle (whether it is unlawful or vandalism), theft of or from your vehicle during the time it has been parked, unless such damage or theft is caused by negligence by Avinor / the parking operator and only to the extent that this negligence directly caused the damage / theft.

Any damage to, or theft from your vehicle that happened during your stay must be reported to the parking operator before leaving the parking area. See the contact details in chapter 2. Contact also police for an evaluation of the situation as well as your insurance company.

You must comply with all the signage and other instructions when you travel on the parking site and on airport’s areas.

If you for some reason cannot retrieve your car before 30 days after the exit time in your reservation, you must contact the parking operator (see chapter 2) and specify the following: the vehicle's brand/type, separated number and other characteristics, parking area and approximate location of the site, the reason you were prevented from retrieving the vehicle, as well as information on the expected day you will be back to retrieve it, new contact data (phone, address, email) if these are changed from the original order. In cases where we do not receive notice as mentioned above, the car is considered as abandoned. We will then have the right to tow away the car for owner's expense as well as charge the owner for the parking time.

If you park on reserved places without having the right to it, you can be fined. Reserved places are e.g. HC places (you need to have valid HC card in the car), place for electric car (have need an electrical car and a charger) and the like. Reserved places are always well marked.

Places reserved to specific booking customers occur. These spots will be clearly marked with signs. You are welcome to park there if you have a valid purchase order.

Regards Oslo Airport: Damages to a vehicle must be reported to ONEPARK before the vehicle leaves the facility.

The vehicle’s owner is responsible for seeing to that the vehicle is properly insured. ONEPARK may dismiss vehicles that are not in a state, technically, or safe to drive.

The governmental "Standard terms and conditions for parking" can be found on www.parkeringsklagenemnda.no and are regarded as accepted when using Avinor’s parking facilities. In case of contradiction between these terms and the "Standard terms and conditions for parking", the standard terms have priority.

7. General

All purchase agreements made via the website is subject to Norwegian law.

These terms only refer to the site and for booking of parking. Other terms will apply to other products and services, competitions and promotions, discount codes and more if other terms apply, these will be specified clearly.

All personal information you provide to us when you use this website will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. By using the website, you accept our privacy policy and terms and conditions of the privacy policy. The guidelines you can read more about in detail, visit the link "Privacy".

When you visit or use one of our sites, you agree that you can only do this for personal use. It is not allowed to copy, distribute, modify, publish, linking or use any of the information found here except for your own personal use, unless the written permission Avinor has given to such use. The use of any tool to monitor or disturb our website is prohibited. You understand and agree that Avinor can exclude you from its site without prior notice if you abuse or violate the terms of use. In the event of misuse, Avinor will report the matter to the police and take legal action to compensate for any financial loss or damage.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions whenever this is required. The terms and conditions accompanying a specific purchase order, are those that were laid out at point of order. Do not assume that the terms and conditions that applied at an earlier reservation still apply for the next order. Therefore, we recommend that you always read these terms before a new order to make sure that you accept them.