Prices with pre-booking

  • P5 low price from 280,- for 1 week

Current prices (without prebooking)

10 minutes0,-0,-0,- 
Up to 30 min50,-18,- 18,- 
Up to 1 hour100,-40,-40,- 
Pr hour, up to max day price100,-40,-36,- 
1. week 840,-565,-
2. week 1500,-980,-
 Then per extra day 90,-60,-

All prices include VAT. We are subject to price changes

At some car parks we offer a pre-booking service. Valid prices for pre-book is presented by using the calendar on the web page for parking. The pre-book prices may deviate from prices for normal parking.

Note that if you are unable to place a valid booking (no matter the reason for it), the normal parking tariffs will apply upon entering the car park.