Parking facilities have 4500 parking spaces.

Pre-order parking

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AreaMinPr 20 minPr 30 minHourDay1 week2 weeksAdditionally per week
P1* short term30,-30,- 90,-420,-   
P2 (P-house)40,--40,--300,-2400,-4500,-2100,-
P4**25,--40,- 400,----
P11**25,--40,- 400,-   

*) P0 has a 5-minute check-in fee. In addition to this, it costs 50, - per commencement 20 minutes from driving. 500, - per day.

**) P4 and P11: 1-15 min 25,-, 16-30 min 40,-, then 40 per begun half-hour. 400,- per day.

For disabled

All our parking areas have reserved places for disabled people. These places are located close to footpath leading to the terminal.

  • Shortterm parking by the terminal: 6 spaces
  • Longterm P-house (P2): 4 spaces
  • Longterm (P4): 3 spaces
  • Longterm (P5): 3 spaces close to the footpath
  • Longterm (P8): 3 spaces close to the footpath
  • Longterm (P9): 4 spaces close to the footpath
  • Shortterm P11 Helicopter terminal: 2 spaces

Electric car

  • We have reserved seats for electric cars in most of our areas
  • Contact type that may be used is Schuco, standard 1-phase power outlet, max 16A. This type of connector requires that the converter supplied with your car be used.
  • The spaces are reserved for vehicles under load. If you do not need power, regular space is used.
  • See the airport map for the EL car symbol.
  • Charging is free. Ordinary P-fee must be paid.


Driveway to the car rental in the parking house. Drive straight ahead after driving to your own area for MC parking. Parking in these spaces is free. If car parking space is used, normal parking fee is payable.

Bike parking

Bike parking is under the roof of P4. Use the walkway from P4 bicycle parking through the parking garage to the terminal.

We offer business agreement on parking

It is possible to rent a parking lot in the parking garage. Please contact EuroPark to make an appointment.

Post AddressPostboks 29, 5869 Bergen
Visiting AddressBergen lufthavn, Flesland