Looking for the best parking deal? Check the prices in our booking system. Add your arrival and departure time, and you will get the best price of all our car parks.

Current prices (in NOK) 

AreaMinPr 20 minPr 30 minPr ourDay1 week2 weeksExtra pr week 
P0* drop off50,--------
P1* short-term30,-30,- 90,-420,-   
P2 (P-house)40,--40,--300,-2400,-4500,-2100,-
P4**25,--40,- 400,----
P11**25,--40,- 400,-   

*) If you are picking up or dropping off passengers, you can use  P0. 7 min. parking is free. Price after 7 min: NOK 50 per 20 min, NOK 500,- per day.

**) P4 and P11: 1-15 min NOK 25,-. 16-30 min NOK 40,-. Price pr 30 min NOK 40,. NOK 400,- per day.

Pay with your phone

You can use the mobile phone as a payment machine. At you can pay within 48 hrs after exit. Type in your vehicle registration number and pay with card. You do not have to set up a user profile. If you wish to be automatically charged for the parking the next time, you can set up a user profile. You can read more here 

Payment machine 

On site there is also a payment machine if you prefer to use this. Type in your vehichle reg. number just before you exit the car park, and pay with card or cash.


If we have registered no payment within 48 hrs after exit, the car owner will receive an invoice. The invoice will contain the parking duration in addition to an invoice fee (kr 49,-).