Find the right parking area

You do not need a parking ticket. You will not get a parking fine for missing payment, but do remember to follow normal parking regulations, such as signage for reserved parking. Below we will explain how you can pay. You do not need to pay if you are transferring in the parking area within a few minutes, see signs on site for transfer time.

Free parking up to 10 min.

A variety of parking

Parking facility has a total of 1090 parking spaces. You can choose to park near the terminal, or at a lower price a bit further away.

Short-and long term (P2) Business - in front of the terminal

This terminal has 415 parking spaces.

Short term and long term (P5) – Affordable long-term

This area is located across the road south of air port. Drive straight ahead at the junction to the terminal. The area has 618 parking spaces.

P7 - economy

P7 is our most affordable parking area, located south-east of the terminal building.