Avinor Food & Beverage Tender 2023/2024

This fall Avinor will launch tenders for all F&B units at Oslo, Stavanger and Bodø Airport. The tenders will cover approximately 35 units at Oslo Airport, 10 units at Stavanger Airport and 2 units at Bodø, with an estimated value of 450 million Euro over the contract period.

We believe the food and dining experience at the airports is key to customer satisfaction and are dedicated to provide all our travellers a good selection. Avinor is now looking to strengthen its F&B offer across categories through a more diversified concept mix and new concept formats provided by regional, national and international partners.

In the pre-tender phase, we now welcome interested parties to get in touch to share input and learn more about the opportunities at our airports.

Leave your input/questions here:

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You may also contact the team:

Iskra Skram
Commercial Director Terminal areas
+47 905 23 578

Elif Runa Nordal
Head of Business Development Terminal areas
+47 99 70 90 00

Tone Lauten Skaar
KAM F&B and Convenience
+47 908 21 377

Preliminary timeline:

  • Mid-September 2023: Tender launch for OSL/SVG/BOO
  • Mid-January 2024: Deadline for tender submission
  • May 2024: Contracts awarded
  • January 2025: Commencement of operations

About Avinor

  • Avinor is a state owned limited company operating 43 airports across Norway
  • 2750 employees
  • 45 million passengers 2022
  • Operating income 2022: NOK 10,419 million
  • Own, operate and develop a well-functioning network of airports
  • State owned, yet self financed
  • Vital part of the Norwegian infrastructure:
  • Large domestic market due to vast distances
  • Strong regional hubs with international traffic
  • Oslo as the main HUB: > 50% of traffic

Food & Beverage services: Our initial thoughts

 Avinor believes that food and drink are key factors in the airport experience. We are committed to providing a diverse selection of options, catering to the needs and tastes of all visitors. We welcome regional, national, and international partners to collaborate with us, regardless of prior collaborations.

We see airports as gateways to their respective regions, thus we encourage prospective partners to create concepts showcasing regional specialties that contribute to a memorable travel experience. Our partners should share our commitment to responsible operations while providing passengers with high-quality food and drink options.

At Avinor, we have an unwavering dedication to sustainability. We specifically seek proposals from partners who prioritize locally sourced and organic ingredients while reducing food waste and minimizing their carbon footprint. By promoting environmentally conscious practices, we jointly create a better future for everyone.

Avinor has designated TendSign as the official channel for all tender related matters. Through this platform, you can access comprehensive information, submit offers and stay updated on the tender process.

We strongly advise that all stakeholders acquaint themselves with TendSign and the tender process.

Link to Tendsign



At the end of September, Avinor will announce a significant tender for food and beverage services at Oslo Airport, Stavanger Airport, and Bodø Airport. Avinor aims to enhance the food and beverage offerings at these airports by developing new concepts and formats.

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