Climate and Environmental Goals

Avinor will be a driving force for environmental work in aviation.

Avinor’s activities impacts the environment locally as well as globally. We therefore take responsibility and work actively to reduce this impact. For several years, Avinor has worked actively with environmental issues. Consequently, there has been a comprehensive improvement in how the company works with environmental issues, over the last couple of years.

Climate and Environment - Corporate Policy 

Adopted on October 31th, 2023.

Avinor shall comply with regulatory and internal requirements, and the environmental management shall be certified according to ISO 14001, ensuring systematic coordination and follow-up of environmental work.

Avinor shall have a complete overview of its total climate and environmental impact and actively work to reduce it by:

  • Prioritizing Avinor's climate and sustainability goals in Avinor's decisions.
  • Being an active driver for sustainable aviation. It should be easy for travelers to make sustainable choices at our airports.
  • Setting science-based short-term and long-term climate goals and annually reducing emissions from its own operations.
  • Collaborating with the rest of the aviation industry and facilitating the Norwegian aviation sector's goal of being fossil-free by 2050.
  • Ensuring that activities at Avinor's airports do not cause new soil pollution or deteriorate the environmental condition of water bodies.
  • Operating and developing airports in a way that minimizes harm to nature. Nature of national and significant regional interests shall be given special consideration, and positive measures shall be implemented where possible.
  • Working according to circular economy principles, making the best possible use of material resources.
  • Actively working to limit noise pollution from aircraft and helicopter traffic for residents in the vicinity of airports.
  • Seeking to trade and collaborate with suppliers and partners who take the environment seriously. Where possible, Avinor shall prioritize choosing environmentally certified products and services and collaborate with environmentally certified suppliers and partners.
  • Climate and environment shall be central considerations in the decisions made for the planning, establishment, development, and operation of Avinor's buildings and infrastructure.


Avinor’s environmental management is ISO 14001 certified. Avinor has a multisite certificate which include several airports. In near future all of Avinor’s airports will be included in the certificate.

Five airports are accredited in the carbon management programme for airports ACA (Airport Carbon Accreditation). The purpose of the programme is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from airports all over the world.