Governing documents
Here you will find Avinor’s governing documents for external partners and the Airport Manual for Oslo Airport. The selected governing documents are synchronised daily from our internal database, so that most recent valid version is always available.

Logging in
In order to access Avinor’s governing documents, you need up-to-date login information. You can get this by sending an email to

The database for governing documents is divided into three sections and you will receive login information for the database that contains the documents you need. Go to the login page for the username you have been assigned:

User name

Login page





After logging in, choose your location on the top-right. Choose the airport relevant for you. Choose the category at the top of the page to find the governing documents. The documents are listed on a

table. To open a document, click on the document title in the table. An information slider will open, click the document title under “Document address”, and the document will be displayed as a PDF.

A document that is printed is no longer valid.

The contents of the documents are the copyright of Avinor AS.