Honey production

Stavanger Airport, Sola is the first airport in Scandinavia to launch its own honey.

The airport has produced honey since 2014. Beehives are placed  along the runway and thousands of bees take off and land here in search of nectar from flowers in the surrounding area. The honey is harvested from the hives by beekeeper Kjetil Lyse, and put in jars at KL bee farm in Sandnes.


But, why in the world are we making honey?

First and foremost it is because we take the environment seriously. Verifying the honey produced between the runways allows us to monitor whether there is pollution in the air, rainwater, flowers or pollen around us. The bees collect nectar and pollen almost continuously, and these "samples" give us a good indicator of the air quality in Sola. The honey has been tested and is pure. We also want to sell and serve the most locally produced products and raw materials in our restaurants and finding something more local than this would be difficult! We are also very fond of the sweet stuff here at Sola - and nothing is sweeter than just plain / plane honey.