Environmental management

Objective: Oslo Airport Gardermoen shall maintain ISO14001 certification, ACA certification at Level 3+ and achieve BREEAM "Excellent" status within the expansion project before 2017.

Control of environmental impacts and requirements

To create a clear, common direction in Avinor's environmental work, corporate management has adopted a Group-wide environmental policy. Oslo Airport has adopted its own environmental policy that is in line with the Group policy, and forms the framework for its environmental work.

Environmental management is an integral part of Oslo Airport's governance and management system. The management system covers all regulatory requirements regarding internal control and is based on relevant requirements in international standards such as ISO 9001 and 14001. We methodically apply environmental management tools to ensure a comprehensive approach to environmental work within the company as well as among other parties at the airports.

Environmental management requires continuous overview of the company's environmental impact and all applicable environmental regulations. Particularly important framework conditions for airport operations consist of the licensing requirements regarding public transport share and aircraft noise, the water and soil discharge permits issued by the Norwegian Environment Agency and the noise-abatement regulations specified by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Mapping environmental risk

Risk assessments are an important tool in environmental management and are used to prevent or mitigate potential undesirable incidents. An environmental risk assessment is carried out to obtain an overview of all environment-related risks at Oslo Airport. The analysis includes a comprehensive survey of all situations and activities at the airport that may entail an acute pollution hazard to health and/or environmental damage inside Oslo Airport's area or beyond.

Oslo Airport's environmental management system was certified according to the ISO 14001 standard on 24 March 2014.

We have assessed the environmental impacts of the airport, identifying the following as most significant:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Discharges to water and soil
  • Aircraft noise
  • Energy consumption
  • Consumption of products and materials
  • Waste

Other environmental aspects include the impact on the landscape and natural environment, as well as emissions to air.

Strict standards and ambitious goals

Ambitious environmental goals and operational monitoring have been established for the environmental aspects of managing the airport within the framework conditions. In addition, we stipulate environmental requirements in all contracts with companies operating in the airport area.
An environment and noise committee has been established as a continuation of the original Aircraft Noise Committee, consisting of the mayors of ØRU municipalities and a representative from Oslo Airport and Avinor. The committee aims to discuss problems related to noise and other environmental effects in connection with expansion and operations. The committee will also facilitate dialogue with the airport’s neighbours through meetings with a neighbours’ forum and other surrounding municipalities.