We sort, recycle and actively work to reduce our waste. 

We sort, recycle and actively work to reduce our waste. Oslo Airport shall undertake to minimise waste and optimise the share of sorted waste. By 2014, we will increase the recycling rate to 63% and to 65% by 2015.

With an average of over 60 000 passengers passing through the airport each day and with more than 15 000 employees working at the airport, it is clear that this generates significant waste. In fact, more than 25 tonnes of waste are handled every day.

For us, it is important that waste management contributes positively to the promotion of the airport. Therefore, waste removal must be performed in a manner that reduces potential conflicts with other airport functions. It is important that the various activities from waste source to final disposal are coordinated and systematised in an orderly manner, and that the responsibility for the various activities is assigned correctly.

Joint waste removal system

We have established a joint waste management system for all parties at the airport, i.e. airlines, handling companies, catering companies, cargo, tenants, shops, restaurants, passengers and Oslo Lufthavn AS. Waste from the expansion project and other building and construction activities performed by external parties is handled separately, however.

Source separation and recycling

Source separation of waste is well-organised and there are over 80 collection points and recycling stations located around the airport. Waste generated in public areas and a few other buildings is carried in a waste suction system to the waste centre for collection by the waste management company. The waste is then sent to recycling or energy recovery.

We especially focus on ensuring that hazardous waste is handled properly. It is collected separately, declared and delivered to approved reception facilities for hazardous waste.

Revenue from collecting beverage containers from aircraft and from the public areas of the airport is donated to charity.