We need you

Are you open, responsible, customer oriented and skilled? We need you.

Avinor is on an exciting journey. Do you want to help create value that benefits Norway?

Every day, Avinor's employees work to tie Norway together, and Norway together with the world so that people can work and live in our country.

We are going on a new journey where innovation, organizational development and future aviation are in focus, that's why we need more skilled employees and community builders on the team.

Avinor has many professional groups with a high degree of specialization. At the same time as we operate an important part of Norwegian infrastructure, we conduct leading research and development in several areas of expertise.

We are in charge of the 44 state-owned airports. Twelve of the airports are operated in cooperation with the Norwegian Armed Forces.

In addition to the airports, Avinor operates control tunnels, control stations and other technical infrastructure for safe air navigation.