Aeronautical Data Quality requirements affecting AIP Norway

ADQ, Aeronautical Data and Information Quality, is an EU regulation on the quality of aeronautical data for the single European sky (SES). Avinor is working together with NATS to implement a new AIM system which is designed to comply with the regulation. When Avinor’s Information Management Department is involved with training in the new system and starts parallel production with both the old and new systems, their capacity to receive and process data for AIP publication will be reduced.

All data suppliers are required to have a formal service level agreement (SLA) with Avinor to ensure quality and traceability of all data. Data owners/originators will be users of the new AIM system, and will be offered a training program in 2017/2018. Questions regarding the ADQ regulations or the new AIM system can be addressed to


Aeronautical Information Services