Looking for the best deals for parking, you should check the prices in our booking system. Add your arrival and departure time, and you will get the price of all our car parks.

Prices with pre-booking

You can choose between Low Cost Outside or P-House Comfort. 

Low Cost Outside kr 560,-per week
P-House Comfort weekend kr 480,-Thursdag/Friday - Monday
P-House Komfort kr 850,-per week

Prices without pre-booking

Valid from 4/9-17

P-areaP-house Komfort and KorttidP-house Økonomi TakLavpris Ute
0-12 min0,---
12-30 min30,---
1 hour50,-50,-50,-
Day 4-8 (1 week)990,-750,-560,-
Day 10-15 (2 weeks)1410,-1010,-760,-
Day 17-22 (3 weeks)1810,-1210,-960,-
Day 24-29 (4 weeks)2210,-1410,-1160,-

"P-house Komfort" and "P-house Økonomi have same entry and exit. All prices including VAT.

Practical information

  • Shuttle area points by running into the parking garage. Follow the signs.
  • Throughput in the parking garage for up to 12 minutes are free.
  • Short-term: 30 min NOK 30,- and 1 hour NOK 50,-

Tip: The driver can put passengers and baggage pick / bring the site in the parking garage and then park at Hostels Ute. Bring the ticket when entering P house, using the ticket at the exit. Throughput in the parking garage for up to 12 minutes are free.