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Summerprices 2018 (NOK)

Valid from 20.06-20.08.2018

Summerprices available for all. Both pre-booked and without pre-booking. For guaranteed availability you need to pre-book.

P-område1 uke2 uker
Lavpris utekr 560,-kr 760,-
P hus langtid tak ute 3 & 4 etgkr 690,-kr 850,-
P-hus langtid innekr 790,-kr 990,-


Regular prices (NOK)

Valid from 04.09.2017

P-areaP-hus langtid inne/ Korttid P-hus langtid tak ute 3 & 4 etgLavpris Ute
0-10 min0,---
10-30 min30,---
1 time50,-50,-50,-
Døgn 4-8 (1 uke)990,-750,-560,-
Døgn 10-15 (2 uker)1410,-1010,-760,-

P-hus langtid inne and P-hus langtid tak ute 3 & 4 etg has the same entry. All prices includes VAT.

P-hus charging zone has it own entry, and dedicated area. A fee of kr 50,- NOK the first day, otherwise the same rate as P-hus langtid inne.  

Practical information

  • Shuttle area points by running into the parking garage. Follow the signs.
  • Throughput in the parking garage for up to 10 minutes are free.
  • Short-term: 30 min NOK 30,- and 1 hour NOK 50,-

How to pay if you do not pre-book

Registrer yourself in the app or at for automatically payment.

Download the app

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Pay by registrer your car number at within 48 hours after exit to avoid invoice fee at kr 49,-NOK.

If you wish to get automatically charged for your parking you can create a profil at