Ordinary prices (without pre-booking)

First 10 min*0,-0,-0,-0,- 0,- 0,- 
Minimum price after 10 min40,-40,-40,-100,-100,-100,-
Up to 20 min40,-40,-40,----
Up to 60 minutes120,-120,-120,----
Pr hour, up to max day price120,-120,-120,----
Price pr Day410,-320,-300,-220,-220,--
Max price per day, up to week price-320,-300,-220,-220,--
1 week (up to 8 days)-1095,-945,-795,-890,695,-
Max price per day, up to 2 week price-320,-320,-220,-220,--
2 weeks (up to 15 days)-2190,-1890,-1195,-1590,-995,-

Per extra week from 3rd week


All prices incl. VAT. We reserve the right to change prices.
* 10 min free drive-through. Over 10 min prices are calculated from entry time.