Prices in NOK

Parking areaMinimum fee0-10 minPr 20 min.Hour24 h1 weekFollowing weekFollowing day
P1 Short time-0,-40,-120,-400,----
P2 Garage-0,-40,-120,-300,-1050,---
P3 Outdoor-0,-40,-120,-280,-890,---
P4 Outdoor40,----200,-750,-340.-75,-
P6 Garage20,-- 50,-200,-880,-780,- 
P11 Outdoor650,--- -650,-340,-65,-


On site there is a payment machine Pay with card or cash.  

Disability parking

Six spaces in P2 and seven spaces on P5 are reserved for people with disabilities.The spaces on P5 are free up to four hours, while the spaces on P2 are subject to regular parking fees.

Larger vehicles

Large vehicles, such as trucks, should be parked on zone P5.