Looking for the best deals for parking, you should check the prices in our booking system. Add your arrival and departure time, and you will get the price of all our car parks.

New parking operator at Stavanger airport from June 1st

Sesam Parking AS takes over the operation of the parking facility at Stavanger airport. We recommend our visitors to update their payment channels. You can pay up to 48 hours after the exit on the Sesam website or via the app "Sesam Sesam". You can download the app and register user profile at Sesam parking today, but the change will take effect June 1st.

You will always get the best offers for parking and you get access to all the longtime parkingareas if you pre-book your stay. 

Prices  pre-booking (NOK)

Parking areaP4 (P-house)P7P8P10
1 week (7 days)840,-640,-450,-300,-
Per day after 1 week40,-40,-30,-28,-
Weekend 3 days445,- - - -
Weekend 4 days545,- - - -

The weekend offer is available when you drive in Thursday morning (with parking for 3-4 days) or drive in Friday (with parking 3 days).

P1 = short time Kiss and fly parking close to departure hall

P3 = short time parking close to arrival hall 

P4 = Parking garage

P7 = longtime parking

P8 = longtime parking only parking with pre-booking

P10 = longtime parking, only parking with pre-booking

Prices at direct entry

Parking areaP1P3P4P7

Per 20 min





Per started 20 min, first two hours




Per hour





Per day




1 week (7 days)




Per day over 1 week





Short time parking and Kiss and Fly

The short time parking is locaded on the left side of the parking garage, close to the arrival hall. The first 20 minutes are free for drive through.

Kiss and Fly is on the right side of the parking garage and is reserved for you who will deliver your family, friends or boyfriends at the airport. The first 20 minutes are free for drive through.