Parking area

At Kristiansund Airport the parking starts and stops automatically.

Kristiansund Airport, Kvernberget has three parking areas, P1P2 and P3

P1 - Long or short term - closest  to the terminal

This terminal near p-space has 70 parking spaces. 


Turn left at the intersection of the airport. Here you will find about 280 parking spaces.

P3 Low price long term parking

Just North of the Airport you will find P3 with approx. 50 parking spaces for long term parking. Minimum Payment is one Week.

Parking P3 is closed from 20 May - 20 June 2021. Vehicles that are still on P3 after 20 May will be removed at the owner's expense. P2 is used during this time.

Parking for disabled people

In the parking lot P1 you will find seats reserved for people with disability. These places cost the same as other places on P1.