Looking for the best deals for parking, you should check the prices in our booking system. Add your arrival and departure time, and you will get the price of all our car parks.

Weekend price with pre-booking:

  • Cheapest: 1 week on P6 for only NOK 395,-. Limited number of places.
  • Weekend: Offer on P2 from only kr 395,-
  • Nearest: 1 week on P1 to NOK 895,-. Closest to the terminal.

With exit within the drive-through limit, you are not charged. If you stay longer than this, the stay will count from the entry time. The drive-through time is not deducted.

Current prices (in NOK) 

Drive-through up to5 min10 min10 min10 min10 min
Up to 20 mi30,-----
Up to 30 min-30,--- -
Up to 1 hour90,-60,-40,-60,-40,-
 Pr hour, up to max day price90,-60,-40,-60,-40,-
Day500,- 310,-210,-310,- 210,-
1. wek -1095,-695,-930,- 695,-
  Per extra week -156,-99,- 150,-99,-


All prices include VAT. We are subject to price changes

At some car parks we offer a pre-booking service. Valid prices for pre-book is presented by using the calendar on the web page for parking. The pre-book prices may deviate from prices for normal parking.

Note that if you are unable to place a valid booking (no matter the reason for it), the normal parking tariffs will apply upon entering the car park.