Looking for the best deals for parking, you should check the prices in our booking system. Add your arrival and departure time, and you will get the price of all our car parks.

Prices with prebooking

  • Weekend. from 495,-
  • Low price P6: 495,-

Current prices (without pre-booking)  

First 10 min*-0,-0,-0,-0,-
Up to 20 min30,-----
Up to 30 min-30,--- -
Up to 60 min90,-70,-50,-70,-50,-
Pr hour, up to max day price90,-70,-50,-70,-50,-
Price per day500,- 350,-250,-350,- 250,-
Price per day, up to week price***500,-350,-250,-350,-250,-
1 week (up to 8 days) -1095,-750,-1095,- 695,-
Per extra day**** -150,-99,- 150,-99,-

All prices incl. VAT

* 10 min free drive-through. Over 10 min prices are calculated from entry time.
** For parking over 24 hours, the price is per day up to week price
*** For parking over 8 days, the price is per day