Looking for the best deals for parking, you should check the prices in our booking system. Add your arrival and departure time, and you will get the price of all our car parks.

  • Cheapest: 1 week on P6 for only NOK 395,-. Limited number of places.
  • Weekend: Offer on P2 from only kr 395,-
  • Nearest: 1 week on P1 to NOK 895,-. Closest to the terminal.

Remember that you need to print the booking confirmation and take it with you. This is your parking license that you have ordered and paid.

Current prices (in NOK) 

P-timeP1 Shortterm P2 LongtermP6 Longterm-best price
0-10 min*0,---
Pr started 15 min15,-- 
Per hour*-40,--
Per day310,-210,--
1 week(8 days)1095,-From 495,-**Pre-order required
Per week after the first week+1095,-+495,-Pre-order required

*The first 10 minutes in P1 are free. After 10 minutes you will pay for every 10 minutes until reached 1 hour.

** Cheapest price are available at pre-order booking. Limited number of places.