Benefits as an Avinor tenant

Not only do Avinor’s airports have millions of passengers travelling through each year, the passenger mix is also very commercially attractive.

Norway is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most affluent countries, with a population of high spending power and a preference for strong brands. This has resulted in high quality in both offerings and service across all stores, restaurants and services at the Avinor airports, helping to create a great customer experience for all travellers.

Across the airports, Avinor has about 45% business and 55% leisure travellers. Business travellers are often frequent flyers, who know the ins and outs of the airports and its offerings, are less price sensitive and are more open to high quality services. They are also often decision makers in their companies, making them attractive targets for many brands.

Leisure travellers, on the other hand, spend more time at the airports, making room for exploring and being inspired by the different offers. They also travel in groups more often, compared to the average business traveller.

At an airport, one is also able to reach an international audience, while still being located on Norwegian soil, with presence in an international terminal. And while most Norwegians are affluent, the share of the very biggest spenders are often from countries other than Norway, giving operators a market for their more luxurious items.

One customer segment that is often forgotten is the airport staff. 15,000 people work at Oslo Airport alone  and they all need food, clothing and gifts and more. These are often some of the airports’ most loyal customers, using the airport as their local shopping centre.

These segments represent big opportunities, each in their own way, and it is up to you as an operator to serve them according to their needs.

Operating at an airport makes it possible for shops to test out products, and get feedback on sales performance, much faster than with most other shops. This is accomplished simply through the vast volume of customers each week. As such insights can be crucial to get the most out of each shop, this can be of tremendous value.

When you rent a location at an Avinor airport, you will have meetings with business developers from Avinor, who will work with you to solve your challenges and help you reach your targets. You will also get access to insights and analytics, such as passenger volume forecasts, helping you to better optimise deliveries and staffing.

Avinor is a professionally run company and we work together with our partners, challenging each other on what can be achieved and how to create the best customer experience.

Giving customers a strong omnichannel experience is part of the future and Avinor aims to help our partners with this, partly through enabling browsing and shopping through our web platform on

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Are you interested in renting a location at an Avinor airport? Get in contact with one of our category managers and we will get back to you.