Profile manual

Avinor has created a visual identity to be used for the whole of the company’s activities in order to present a unified and holistic face to partners, customers, and the public. Our visual identity requires that logos, colours, fonts, images, and graphical elements be used in a clearly defined manner. We want it to be managed and developed within the framework provided.

The visual identity is built around the concept of connections and relationships.

Avinor is responsible for ensuring that airports work optimally for travellers and partners. We create valuable relationships through effective connections. We ensure that sequences of complex events are experienced as reliable, seamless, and comfortable for the user. The visual identity of two points joined by a line emphasises our corporate social responsibility of connecting the country in a safe, reliable, and predictable way. Avinor creates connections from north to south and east to west. Major airports are linked to minor ones, allowing travel from one place to the next. Norwegian airlines are linked with international ones, making it possible to meet up with family, friends, and business associates.

We create valuable relationships by connecting Norway and connecting Norway to the rest of the world.

Questions about Avinors Graphical profile?
Petter Norstrøm