Airport advertising

Sales of airport advertising is managed by partners. 

Please contact our partners directly for an offer or presentation: 

Airport: Contact:

Bergen airport
Bodø airport
Oslo airport
Stavanger airport
Tromsø airport
Trondheim airport

Clear Channel Norway AS
Phpne: 22 02 34 00

Finn Espen Lønseth-Sageng (Head of Airport Media)
Phone: + 47 990 24 402

Florø airport
Førde airport
Harstad/Narvik lufthavn
Kristiansand airport
Kristiansund airport
Molde airport
Sandane airport
Sogndal airport
Ørsta/Volda airport
Ålesund airport

Reklameservice AS
Harald Fredly (COO)
Phone: +47 901 14 805 / 71 20 19 00

Alta airport
Andøya airport
Bardufoss airport
Berlevåg airport
Brønnøysund airport
Båtsfjord airport
Hammerfest airport
Harstad/Narvik airport
Hasvik airport
Honningsvåg airport
Kirkenes airport
Lakselv airport
Leknes airport
Mehavn airport
Mo i Rana airport
Mosjøen airport
Namsos airport
Røros airport

Rørvik airport
Sandnessjøen airport
Storkmarknes aiport
Svolvær airport
Sørkjosen airport
Vadsø airport
Vardø airport


Mediehuset Altaposten
Bjørg Flage Karlsen
Phone: +47 957 65 492  

Mediehuset Altaposten
Yngve Reginiussen
Phone: +47 452 23 232