Cookies and privacy

Privacy statement and information about use of cookies on our website.

See comprehensive privacy statement from Avinor (PDF)

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A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer in order to collect information about how our website is used.
According to the Electronic Communication Act of 1 July 2013, Avinor is obliged to inform users of our website about which cookies are used, what information is processed, the purpose of this and who is processing the information.
The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority, which is responsible for supervision of compliance with the Act, defines acceptance as the user configuring the default setting in the browser to use cookies. If you do not want to use cookies, this can be changed in your browser.

Measuring use of our website (Google Analytics)

We use Google Analytics on our website to estimate user numbers and traffic so that we can improve our website. Google Analytics stores cookies in your browser and registers the user’s IP address. Since IP addresses are considered to be personal data, Avinor removes the last part of the IP addresses before the information is stored by Google, so that personal information is not collected or stored. Received information is subject to Google's privacy guidelines.

Displaying videos (YouTube)

On some of our websites, you will see that we use YouTube to display videos. YouTube stores cookies, such as personal settings and information about bandwidth. As with Google Analytics, this is also subject to Google’s privacy guidelines.

User surveys

We periodically conduct user surveys in order to improve our services. We use Task Analytics to measure and improve your user experience on the website.

How to deactivate the use of cookies in your browser

Internet Explorer

Deactivation of cookies may cause our website to function less than optimally.