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A cargo plane is loaded at a Norwegian airport

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Avinor aviation charges

These are the terms and conditions under which Airport users accept when our services and facilities are taken into use, both at landing and takeoff. Charges are paid by the airport and airspace users to cover operational costs and investments in Avinor’s infrastructure.

For special information regarding Svalbard go to this page. 

For payment, takeoff charges and GA parking go to this page. 

Charges regulations

The charges regulations include applicable rates excluding VAT. From 1 January 2005 Avinor has been subject to the VAT Act. All domestic flights are therefore subject to an additional charge of 25 percent. The additional charge does not apply to international flights.

Avinor is responsible for collecting a passenger complaint-handling fee on behalf of the Air Passenger Complaint Handling Body. For 2022 the passenger complaint handling fee is set to 0,45 NOK per passenger.

An environmental charge of NOK 150,- per passenger applies to flights to Svalbard.

The modulation of take- off charge was changed  from 01.03.2020. There will be paid full charge for MTOW between 6-75 kg according to the table.

All details describing the terms and conditions for using Avinor Airports is available here: Regulations on fees for the use of airports operated by Avinor (in Norwegian)

Aeronautical charges




Take-off charge per ton MTOW



Ton 6-75



Ton 75-150



Ton > 151




Take-off charge Offshore





< 15 tons

                              7 804





Other airports


Per take-off


Passenger charge









Transfere International



Security and navigation



Security charge






TNC regional



En route




Fee for the Air Passenger Complaint Handling Body 

The fee for the Air Passenger Complaint Handling Body is NOK 0,45 per passenger effective from January 1st 2022 until the end of the year, in accordance with the Regulation on travel complaint handling (FOR-2012-01-20-84).


Take-off charges for GA flights 

The take-off charge can be paid in the following formats for GA flights: 
  • Single take-off
  • Annual card
  • Weekly seasonal card

The weekly season card can be purchased with or without parking permit. You can also buy aircraft parking for a specific airport. Avinor carries out random checks of aircraft weight, to ensure that the charges are calculated correctly.

For aircraft below a weight of 8000 kg, the take-off charge is calculated as the product of the full take-off charge for commercial flights and factors provided in the charge’s regulations. The charge can be paid for single take-off, weekly season card or a yearly card.
The contains the factors used in calculation of charges for single take-off, weekly season card and yearly card, as well as the effective charges. The full take-off charge for commercial flights for 2022 is NOK 69 per ton (MTOW)

Parking charges for GA Aircraft

Parking charges are applicable for all GA traffic at all Avinor airports, for hosting aircraft. Avinor introduced an automatic invoicing system for GA parking in January 2019. The system registers aircraft registration, arrival time, off-block time and MTOW. A monthly invoice for parking charges are automatically sent to the aircraft owner. Agreements for long-time parking can be arranged with the local airport administration.
  • GA aircraft with MTOM 2730 Kg or below are exempt from parking charges.
  • GA aircraft with MTOW over 2730 Kg are subject to parking charges. 
  • Owners of GA aircraft with MTOW over 2370 Kg holding individual agreements regarding parking arrangements must register their aircraft with the local airport administration to avoid charges.
  • The charge is based on weight, current price is 15 NOK per 1000 Kg per hour. The charge is levied as of the third hour the aircraft is parked, but if the parking exceeds the first two hours the charge is reciprocal for the first two hours as well.
    Example: An aircraft with MTOM 5000 Kg is parked three hours. Since the two first hours then become chargeable, the charge is calculated as follows:
    15 NOK/1000 Kg/hour x 5000 Kg x 3 hours = 225 NOK.
  • The minimum charge is 125 NOK. All prices include VAT.

DTS reporting form for calculating charges 

The DTS is regarded by Avinor as the operator’s confirmation of the number of passengers and the weight of cargo/mail transported on each individual flight movement. DTS is Avinor’s primary source for billing and statistics data.

Extended and extraordinary opening hours

A cargo plane is loaded at a Norwegian airport

Charges calculator

Estimate your charges for operations at Avinor airports.

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