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We are in constant exchange with our partners in Norway within tourism and other industries. Together, we actively work on developing Norway as a destination and therefore help with filling seats and making routes profitable in the long-term. This also gives us many insights into profitable route options.

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When it comes to market development, we at Avinor see ourselves as a driving force: we help with product development, hold workshops and bring in new ideas. By being actively involved in these activities, not only do we have an excellent understanding of the various opportunities for route development, we also help shape the tourism sector as a bridge between the airlines and the Norwegian market.

Furthermore, our partnerships allow us to closely monitor relevant developments affecting route development. For example, when a Norwegian company builds a factory abroad, this can instantly generate demand for a route between the two countries. Or we know that a new tourism product will lead to an increase in passenger numbers in certain markets. Don't hesitate to get in touch to learn more about how you can profit from such developments.

At Avinor, we are developing routes which we believe in. We know our markets inside out because we are actively developing them, allowing a detailed analysis of their potential now and in the coming years. We believe that to create and maintain profitable and sustainable routes, everyone must work together – we as route developers, our airline partners and our strong national as well as regional partners in Norway.

Here are our most important partners:

National Partners

Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. Innovation Norway provides competence, advisory services, promotional services and network services. The marketing of Norway as a tourist destination is also considered one of the organisations important tasks.

Visit Norway

The main task of Innovation Norway's tourism entity, Visit Norway, is to develop and support the tourism industry in Norway as well as to promote Norway as a tourism destination abroad. Visit Norway is furthermore conducting a variety of research, including the yearly tourism survey, inhabitant survey in Norway and the brand tracker in chosen international markets.

Regional Partners

Connect Oslo

Connect Oslo was established in November 2019 in order to create a closer cooperation between Avinor and the business community in the Oslo region. The main focus of Connect Oslo is to engage with businesses from the Oslo region, exchange information, build strong business cases and support the airlines by filling the seats on existing and new routes.

Bergen Tourist Board

Bergen Tourist Board is a common body for promoting the City of Bergen in Norway and abroad. The activities cover: Public-related information and profiling, media and trade related service and more. Bergen Tourist Board has the following branches: Tourist Department, Tourist Information and Bergen Convention Bureau. Bergen Tourist Board is also the main shareholder of Fjord Norge AS / Fjord Norway.

Fjord Norway

Fjord Norway is the official tourist board of the western part of Norway. Its main functions are the international marketing of the Fjord Norway region, press- and study trips and to convey information from the Fjord Norway region to tour operators, press and consumers worldwide. Fjord Norway's vision is to be the most professional and competent destination company in Europe. The company shall position Fjord Norway as the most attractive destination for nature-based, adventure holidays.

Luftfartsforum for Trondheim Airport

Luftfartsforum for Trondheim Airport is an established collaboration platform between the airport, Visit Trondheim, Visit Trøndelag and the biggest companies in the Trondheim region. The overall goal is to contribute to value creation and growth in the Trondheim region, to develop it as an attractive tourist destination and place to live. Luftfartsforum represents a unique network of the biggest private and public organisations in the Trondheim region.

Visit Trøndelag

Trøndelag Tourist Board present Trøndelag as a year-round travel destination that covers central Norway including Trondheim, UNESCO world heritage site Røros, Oppdal, Innherred/Stiklestad, the inner parts of Namdalen, and the coast from Hitra/Frøya in the south to Rørvik and Leka in the north. Trøndelag Tourist Board coordinates marketing and sales activities in Norway and the International markets and help visitors find the right destination, accommodation, sights and activities.

Visit Trondheim

Visit Trondheim aims to market the Trondheim region as an attractive destination. The team is passionate about promoting Trondheim as a destination and has a deep-rooted love for the city and the region. Visit Trondheim is committed to the great experiences and opportunities the region has in stock for its visitors.

Region Stavanger

Region Stavanger is the official destination marketing organisation working to promote the Stavanger region internationally, with more than 200 regional members, and is also responsible for running the tourist information offices in the Stavanger area.

Visit Arctic Europe II

Visit Arctic Europe II is the next step of the cross-border cooperation project Visit Arctic Europe. The main purpose of Visit Arctic Europe II is to continue the development of Northern Norway, Finnish Lapland and Swedish Lapland as an all year round sustainable and high-quality destination. The tourist board helps, as for example organising press visits and FAM trips.

Incentive programs for airliners

We provide incentive programs to all airlines operating at our airports, to stimulate traffic growth. Together with our extensive partnerships, these programs help to reduce risk related to starting up new routes, and to establish a steady demand.

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