Security check

Security is our top priority. The security check will go smoother if you are prepared.

Before going through security check

Have your ticket/travel documents ready for inspection. Valid ticket/travel documents are:

  • Boarding card
  • Print-out of electric ticket with the date of travel and name of passenger
  • Paperless ticket (verified by debit/credit card or mobile phone)

Place all loose items and metal items (keys, coins, mobile phones, etc.) in your hand luggage or outerwear for screening.

These items can only be packed in check-in luggage

  • Liquids in containers in excess of 100 ml
  • Sharp or pointed items, or other potentially hazardous items

These items can pass through security check in a closed plastic bag

  • Liquids in containers of up to 100 ml (containers larger than 100 ml will be discarded regardless of how much liquid they contain)
  • All containers must fit in one transparent one-litre bag
  • Only one one-litre bag is permitted per passenger
  • There are special rules for tax free goods in sealed bags

These items must be placed in plastic trays for screening

  • Hand luggage
  • Larger electronic items (such as laptops, cameras, tablets, hand-held games, etc.) must be removed from your hand luggage and sent through on separate trays
  • Outerwear and jackets
  • Shoes with metal inlays, belts with metal buckles, etc.
  • All liquids, such as tax free items, toiletries in a one-litre bag, baby food, medicines etc.
  • Crutches must be x-rayed

Mobile phones, sunglasses, small headphones and other loose items must be packed in hand luggage or in outerwear. 

Glasses skould be kept on.

Travellers who need assistance

Children, elderly, disabled and others with a need for assistance and who are travelling alone, can be escorted by parents or other escorts through the security check.

Aids and implants

All travellers must pass through a metal detector. If you use a wheelchair or have implants, the check will be performed manually. You can safely pass through the security gate if you have a pacemaker or hearing aid.

Random checks

Random checks of passengers and hand luggage are also performed, even though they have passed through the metal detector arch or X-ray machine without any problem. If selected, you will be subjected to a more thorough check by the security officer. The security officer will look for banned items. If selected for a random check, you must remove your shoes and have them screened.

You can choose to be checked by a person of your own gender.