PBN Transition Plan NORWAY

(EU) 1048/2018 Art. 4

This document describes the transition into the PBN-environment for Norwegian Aerodrome Operators and ANSP.

It should be noted that since the PBN Implementation project was completed in 2017 (initiated in 2013); with RNP APCH implemented at all eligible runway ends; this document focuses on the transition related to decommissioning and rationalization of conventional navigation aids and procedures.

In 2018 the EGNOS coverage area was increased up to 70° northern latitude, enabling the addition of an LPV minima also for the aerodromes in on the northern tip of the Norwegian mainland. This inclusion will be completed and published in AIP Norway by the end of 2021.

Furthermore, the implementation of RNP-AR procedures are ongoing where this has a benefit on safety og the environment.

In a transition; after implementation, comes rationalization. The decommissioning will be based on ICAO guidelines, EU regulations and guidelines (EASA and Eurocontrol), and EU SJU implementation targets for Single European Skies.

Decommissioning will take place in two waves;

  • from 2020-2024: rationalization of duplicated procedures and equipment.
  • from 2025-2030: rationalization to exclusive use of PBN; with only designated airports and airspace providing navigation services based on conventional procedures and equipment

This implies that certain smaller airports, due to cost avoidance (“lifecycle management/end-of-life” considerations) and reduction of “sunk costs” will transition to “GNSS only”-service from 2025 onwards. Considering the strain in AIP services, including required re-design associated with the withdrawal of conventional procedures and airspace design alterations; all airports not designated as required in GNSS contingency situations will complete the transition by year-end 2030.

The transition as described in this document will follow applicable change management processes as required by EU 2017/373, and especially described as “multi-actor change”; where Avinor ANS is the primary stakeholder coordinating the change management with involved certified ANS suppliers.

The transition plan as presented in this document is the result of the cooperation been Avinor ANS, Saerco, and Avinor AS in the role of certified ATS providers; and the airport operators as the key stakeholder as owner of CNS equipment used for TMA/TIA and approach operations (CTR/TIZ). The airline operators and airspace users have been consulted, and the result of the consultation has been used to update the plan to its current version.

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