New forms of tourism meet a vibrant and dynamic tech business scene.
Trondheim is cooking up some new flavours – literally and figuratively. With many destinations being overrun, demand for hidden treasures and unusual places is on the rise. Trondheim and its surrounding region benefit from that – but it’s not all just a coincidence.

Opportunities for airlines

“Trondheim has a whole heap going for it,” as the author of a Forbes article puts it. In line with this reputation, Trondheim has seen a growing share of leisure travel. Contributing factors are Trondheim’s new popularity as a food destination, its rich Viking history and comprehensive programmes from the tourism agencies as well as Avinor to boost leisure travel from various markets.

A growing immigrant population and VFR segment lead to regular traffic, as does a vibrant tech start-up and business scene that is growing exponentially. Growth sectors include construction, technology and aquaculture.

These developments lead to long-term route opportunities – please don’t hesitate to contact us for more data and background!

Route opportunities

Unserved routes

City pairFrom/ToDirect passengersIndirect passengersDistance (km)
TRD - FRATrondheim to Frankfurt-16,4001,502
TRD - GOTTrondheim to Gøteborg-16,700650
TRD - MUCTrondheim to Munich-20,8001,682
TRD - PARTrondheim to Paris-17,9001,682
TRD - BCNTrondheim to Barcelon13,80011,6002,533
TRD - DBVTrondheim to Dubrovnik11,9001,7002,373
TRD - TLLTrondheim to Talinn4,3007,000865

Underserved routes

City pairFrom/ToDirect passengersIndirect passengersDistance (km)
TRD - AMSTrondheim to Amsterdam31,40011,4001,293
TRD - CPHTrondheim to Copenhagen37,70034,100879
TRD - HELTrondheim to Helsinki4,70011,200815
TRD - LONTrondheim to London61,70026,1001,484
TRD - STOTrondheim to Stockholm29,20028,100596

Trondheim in depth

With its new motto “Trondheim – Home of Nordic Flavours," the tourism agencies are setting the tone: new products and itineraries are being developed to attract tourists from the US, Europe and Asia. The latest project: Avinor and Visit Norway just started a big cooperation with Chinese tour operators to increase incoming tourism from Asia.

Speaking of flavours: In 2019, two Trondheim restaurants were awarded Michelin Stars. Now, at the the Michelin Guide Nordic Countries 2020 Event in Trondheim, Britannia Hotel’s newly opened signature restaurant Speilsalen (“Hall of Mirrors”) and Chef Christopher Davidsen did Trondheim proud once again by securing yet another star. Considerable press interest in these accolades has significantly raised Trondheim’s national and international profile. The city now has a strong culinary voice, thanks to Davidsen and sustainability trailblazers such as Heidi Bjerkan, owner and Chef at Michelin Star restaurant Credo. Heidi also received the first Michelin Nordic Guide Sustainability Award for her close cooperation with local farms, and her sustainable handling of raw materials and unused resources.

While nature is still a major driving force for tourism in Trondheim, with its nearby fjords and mountains, the food segment has started to blossom, attracting new visitors. Trondheim has also recently been recognised as European Region of Gastronomy 2022, with a primary focus on stimulating creativity and gastronomic innovation, developing sustainable tourism, educating and recruiting the younger generation, and supporting local economies. As these developments are relatively new, we expect to see a positive impact on tourism within the next year.

However, the word “flavours” does not end with food. The Trondheim flavours also include a fusion of rich Viking history, technology & research, sustainability initiatives, beautiful fjords and mountain ranges, and a buzzing student body due to the university (NTNU), Norway’s largest. The slogan “Home of Nordic Flavours” has attracted locals and regional businesses who would all like to develop a strong identity. The combination of these special characteristics and positive developments have led to a new class of tourism.

A shining example for the development of the region is the re-opening of the historical Britannia hotel – now Five Stars. This luxury hotel has been refurbished with supreme detail in both design and service, distinguishing itself through its rich history and classy vibe. The Britannia Hotel has become part of “The Leading Hotels of The World”, an exclusive organisation representing the most prestigious hotels in the world.

German guests made up the majority of international guests in Trondelag county in 2018 and 2019, followed by Swedish and American guests.

These trends and developments all point to a bright future for leisure travel – a hidden gem waiting to be uncovered, attracting a diverse mix of people to Trondheim and the region.

Business as unusual: a vibrant tech start-up scene

A crucial thing to know about Trondheim’s business scene is that it is very diverse. More than ten large business sectors keep the region economically stable: a crisis in one industry won’t affect the overall performance of the region because it does not rely on one sector.

Another essential factor is contributing to the present market as well as developments in the near future. Trondheim is a tech region: with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the international private research institution SINTEF, two world-class technology-oriented organisations are located in the city. This is one of the reasons for Trondheim’s vibrant tech start-up scene.

The number of technology companies (including start-ups) in the Trondheim region rose steadily from just over 200 in 2002 to more than 650 in 2018.

Most of these companies are active in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. The goal is to bring the number of tech businesses up to 1,000 and people employed in the tech sector to 20,000 by the year 2025, and given the exponential rise in start-ups, Trondheim is well on its way to achieving this objective.

What do these developments mean for air traffic? Which route opportunities will prove profitable? Please contact us to find out more and discuss data and opportunities!

Luftfartsforum for Trondheim Airport

Luftfartsforum for Trondheim Airport is an established collaboration platform between the airport, Visit Trondheim, Visit Trøndelag and the biggest companies in the Trondheim region. The overall goal is to contribute to value creation and growth in the Trondheim region, to develop it as an attractive tourist destination and place to live. Luftfartsforum represents a unique network of the biggest private and public organisations in the Trondheim region.

Visit Trøndelag

Trøndelag Tourist Board present Trøndelag as a year-round travel destination that covers central Norway including Trondheim, UNESCO world heritage site Røros, Oppdal, Innherred/Stiklestad, the inner parts of Namdalen, and the coast from Hitra/Frøya in the south to Rørvik and Leka in the north. Trøndelag Tourist Board coordinates marketing and sales activities in Norway and the International markets and help visitors find the right destination, accommodation, sights and activities.

Visit Trondheim

Visit Trondheim aims to market the Trondheim region as an attractive destination. The team is passionate about promoting Trondheim as a destination and has a deep-rooted love for the city and the region. Visit Trondheim is committed to the great experiences and opportunities the region has in stock for its visitors.

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