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Relationship experts by tradition

With our deep knowledge of the Norwegian markets and extensive market development relationships, we aim to be a valuable partner for our airline customers.
Profile picture of Martin Langaas
Martin Langaas
Director Traffic Development & Cargo
Profile picture of Ulv Elbirk
Ulv Elbirk
Director Traffic Development Oneworld, Asia and Americas
Profile picture of Espen Hoel
Espen Hoel
Senior Route Development Manager Low-Cost Carriers
Profile picture of Nina Jensen
Nina Jensen
Senior Route Development Manager Star Alliance & Nordic Regional
Profile picture of Fredrik Leren
Fredrik Leren
Senior Route Development Manager SkyTeam & European Regional
Profile picture of Gaute Riise
Gaute Riise
Vice President Traffic Development
Profile picture of Silke Salbert
Silke Salbert
Head of Trade Marketing
Profile picture of Terese Njåstad
Terese Njåstad
Traffic Development Manager
Profile picture of Ellen Weidemann
Ellen Weidemann
Commercial Director Trondheim Airport
Profile picture of Filip Aven
Filip Aven
Traffic Development Manager

Meet other explorers

The Explorer's Society is a place where we discuss the future of the aviation industry. We'd like to invite you to participate in the exchange among industry professionals and other stakeholders.

Our five markets

Norway is not a single market – there are a variety of interesting destinations airlines can look into. It is useful to think of Norway as five major markets, each having their own profiles in terms of leisure, business and VFR travel.