Terms and conditions ev charging

We reserve our rights to adjust these terms and conditions as needed. The terms that applied earlier may be changed to the next time. Please read the terms each time.

Last updated January 2019.


These terms apply to the payment of electric vehicle (EV) charging through Avinor’ s app at the airports where this is provided. Avinor AS is the owner of the car parks and the app where you pay for the EV charging. The parking operator is the seller of the parking services and operates the customer service center. By accepting these terms of purchase, you allow Avinor to send your data to the parking operator. The information will only be used in relation to deliver your purchase unless you have accepted otherwise.

How to charge the electric vehicle

Parking spaces for EV charging are reserved for vehicles who are connected to a charging station. To use a charging station, the car must be connected, and a charging session must be started. Avinor requires payment for charging. This is done through Avinor’ s app. Prices and more information can be found in the app or at Avinor.no. On the bank statement you will see that the charging cost is done by the parking operator through NETS.

At the charging station you will find a description of how to charge: The desired charging station is connected to the vehicle with a charging cable. All charging stations uses Type 2 cables. Then Avinor’ s app is used to turn on the power supply when a valid payment card/credit card is applied. The charging will start immediately and will last until the vehicle is fully charged or cable is removed. Note that the vehicle may lose power if long term parking (no maintenance charging).

You can choose to log into My Profile - then the app will remember your information next time and you will find your history. Alternatively, you do not log in, then you need to enter the information that is required every time and you will not be able to access the history later. In both cases, you will receive a receipt by e-mail when the charging session ends.

Parking fee is paid separately

The parking fee comes in addition to charging. The parking fee cannot be paid in the Avinor app. You will need to pay the parking fee the way you would normally do on the airport and car park in question. If you do not know how to pay the parking fee, you can find information on avinor.no.

Customer Service Center

All customer inquiries must be directed to the parking operator at the airport in question. Contact details:

Oslo Airport: Onepark AS | +47 64 81 19 80 | oslo.lufthavn@onepark.no | Martin Linges vei 25, 1364 Fornebu | Org nbr 998638984MVA

All other airports: Apcoa Parking AS (Europark) | +47 22 05 75 00 | kundesenter@apcoa.no | Sandakerveien 138, 0484 Oslo | Org nbr 929292065 MVA