Information in connection with the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Avinor’s number one priority is always the safety and wellbeing of our passengers. We follow advice and guidance from the national health authorities. Most importantly: stay at home if you feel sick, keep distance, wear a face mask, ensure good hand hygiene and pay attention to each other.

Travelling from Norway to other countries

  1. Check entry requirements and necessary documents at your destination. Note: please also check requirements for any country where you transfer flights.
  2. Please meet up at the airport in due time - it can be queues and long waits.
  3. Many airlines require checking in at a staffed counter, due to document control. Some airlines have solutions that allow you to register documentation digitally.
  4. We advise you to follow instructions from your airline.

Here you find informatiopn from EU on entry rules for EU countries. Here you find information from IATA on entry rules for most countries world wide.

Can I take a Covid-19 test at the airport?

Oslo airport: Dr. Dropin offers different tests, at departure behind check-in area 3. You are advised to book an appointment in advance. Read more and book an appointment here.

Trondheim airport: Information about the test center at Trondheim Airport. KRY offers rapid tests at departure.

Stavanger airport: Klinikk Spero offers quick tests in the arrival hall. It is recommended to book an appointment in advance.

Bergen airport: Volvat offers rapid tests in the check-in area. The test station is open for drop-in. Opening hours: 04:00 – 20:00.

Kristiansand airport: Søm Legesenter offers rapid tests 2,5 km off the airport. Drop-in and booking. Opening hours: Mon to Fri 08:30 -14:30.

Entry to Norway from abroad

What rules apply for entry to Norway?

Questions and answers about entry to Norway can be found on this page by the government, and on the website (several languages).

You find rules and exemptions for quarantine and quarantine hotel here.

How about international transfer?

Foreign nationals in transit at an airport in Norway (both international airport transit and within the Schengen area) are exempt from the entry regulations.

Do I have to take a Covid-19 test at arrival?

Questions and answers about testing can be found on this page by the government, and on the website (several languages).

Can I transfer to a domestic flight?

If you are exempt from quarantine, or can stay in home quarantine, you can continue your travel to your end destination. If you need to stay in a quarantine hotel, the main rule is to stay at a hotel close to the port of entry. You will be guided by the border police upon entry. 

Transfer: Will my luggage be forwarded?

Domestic Transfer at Oslo Airport is temporarily closed. For international-domestic transfer, you need to pick up your bags, go through customs. and check them in again. For international-international transfers, baggage will normally be transferred (please check with your airline).

Next-day transfer: Can I stay the night at the airport?

The health authorities and border police requests that those who arrive from abroad do not spend more time in the terminal building than strictly necessary, to reduce the contamination pressure. If you have next-day transfer you are requested to spend the night at a hotel.

Infection control measures at the airport

Do I have to wear a facemask at Norwegian airports?

There are no national requirements for the use of face masks at the airports. Several airlines require passengers to wear face masks on board aircraft. Relate to information from the individual airline.

Can I buy a face mask at the airport?

Passengers cannot rely on face masks being distributed or being available for purchase at all airports. Choose your airport on and click on the link to corona information and open shops and restaurants to find an overview of which outlets that sell face masks.

Your journey through the airport

Are restaurants and shops open at Avinor's airports?

Some of the restaurants and shops are open, and others are unfortunateloy closed. Choose your airport at and click on the link to corona information and open shops and restaurants to see which restaurants and shops are open. Due to many updates on short notice, the website may unfortunately not be updated at all times.