Information in connection with the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Last updated April 6 at 10:00 A.M..

There is still some domestic traffic in Norway, and we ask all travellers to consult the information provided by their airline. Offshore helicopter traffic and cargo runs as normal. 

From Monday, March 16 at 8:00 a.m. the Government closed the border to foreign nationals who lack a residence permit in Norway. There are some exceptions:

  • EEA citizens and their family members residing or working in Norway
  • EEA citizens who need to travel through Norway to get home
  • Foreigners who only have to stay in airport transit before leaving Norway

Information about quarantine

The Norwegian Directorate of Health has decided that all individuals arriving to Norway will be quarantined. Read more here. If you do not land at your final destination in Norway, further flight to the final destination for the quarantine will be accepted. 

Information about transfer

  • If you come from abroad and will travel domestic or abroad on the same day, this will be handled by the traveler himself.
  • If you come from abroad and will travel domestic the next day, you must stay at a hotel that is booked by yourself.
  • Do you come from abroad and will travel abroad the next day? The police are working on implementing the new regulations, and adjustments to this that have come afterwards. Follow these pages to get updates on what applies and contact the police if you do not find an answer to your question.

Closed nine short runway airports

Avinor has decided to close nine short runway airports (STOL airports) temporarily for commercial traffic from Wednesday 18 March. Emergency preparedness for ambulance aircraft will be available. Read more here. We ask all travellers to consult the information provided by their airline.

Limited offer in the terminal

There is now limited access to restaurants and shops at Avinor's airports. Opening hours may differ. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes.

Ongoing dialogue with national health authorities

Avinor is engaged in an ongoing dialogue with national health authorities to ensure a correct situational picture and take the appropriate steps at our airports. Avinor has implemented measures related to information dissemination on infection control, hand washing and cleaning. Avinor has, on the recommendation of health authorities, increased the cleaning frequency and put out hand disinfection in vulnerable places.

It is the central authorities at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Ministry of Health and Care Services and the Directorate of Health who prepare national guidelines and actions for Norwegian airports and border crossings. 

Our information is always based on the latest information from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

The government and the country's top health authorities have introduced restrictions for travelers at Oslo Airport. In order to prevent the coronavirus infection and detect the sick as early as possible, the measures have become considerably more stringent at the airport. Read more here.

Do you have question?

We ask you to read the Norwegian Directorate of Health travel advice here before contacting Avinor.