Transparency Act

Purpose of the act

The Act shall promote enterprises’ respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and the provision of services. It shall also ensure the general public access to information regarding how enterprises address adverse impacts on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.

Scope of the Act

The Act applies to larger enterprises that are resident in Norway and that offer goods and services in or outside Norway. The Act also applies to larger foreign enterprises that offer goods and services in Norway, and that are liable to tax to Norway pursuant to internal Norwegian legislation.

Avinors work

Responsible business management
All our suppliers and business partners must sign an agreement on responsible business conduct.

Suppliers who want to participate in a competition for a contract with Avinor must commit to comply with our principles of responsible business conduct. The principles reflect Avinor's ethical regulations. We demand that international human rights are respected and that our contracting parties do not contribute to violations of these. The contracting party must also ensure that the workers' wages satisfy the requirements for the minimum wage, that working hours are in accordance with applicable national law, that the workers have the opportunity for adequate rest and that employment contracts are written in a language the worker understands.

Avinor is subject to regulations for public procurement. Through these regulations, we are obliged to have in place appropriate routines to promote respect for fundamental human rights in public procurement where there is a risk of violation of such rights.

Cooperation agreement on intensified efforts against labor market crime
Avinor has entered into a co-operation agreement with the Tax Administration on intensified efforts against labor market crime. The purpose of the agreement is to establish an ongoing collaboration that strengthens and expands the effect of the parties' measures against labor market crime. The agreement shall ensure that all Avinor's suppliers and subcontractors in building and construction as well as cleaning, fulfill their legal obligations in a timely manner.

In our construction contracts, we require that the contracting party and its subcontractors contribute to professional working life, including the Working Environment Act, regulations on wages and working conditions in public contracts and tax and excise legislation.

Notification channel for employees
Avinor has a channel for notification of matters worthy of criticism in accordance with the Working Environment Act. This channel can be used by our own employees and employees of our contracting parties.

We provide information about the notification channel in different languages ​​by postings on our construction sites. In addition, a digital form has been designed via our websites. Different matters can be reported, for example failure in safety routines, bullying and harassment, working conditions in violation of the Working Environment Act, etc.

Avinor is a member of Ethical Trade Norway. Through our membership, we are committed to working for sustainable business practices that respect people, society and the environment.

Avinor is also a member of Transparency International Norway. As a member, Avinor contributes to joint efforts for openness, integrity and accountability in society to prevent corruption and fraud nationally and internationally. Furthermore, we are committed to practicing zero tolerance for all forms of corruption in Avinor and to putting in place appropriate anti-corruption measures.

If you have questions about how Avinor works to ensure human rights and employee rights in the supply chain and with our business partners, you can direct these to