Private flights (GA)

Bodø Airport appreciate visits by light aircraft and offers fuel and parking for GA flights (general aviation). When you arrive you will be met by representatives of Avinor who have information about selfbriefing rooms. Here you have access to a PC where you can obtain the necessary information you need. The room is located just off Avinor's main gate and also has toilet facilities.

When the final flight details are ready we can provide an airport slot for inbound and outbound flights. Due to military activity in the skies above Bodø, should pilots clarify time of landing ahead. Contact operations center on phone +47 67 03 37 00.

The airport has a 24-hour and self-service pump with fuel 100LL.

Contact Flytanking AS for fuel Jet A1Opening hours
Monday - Friday04:30 - 21:30
Saturday06:00 - 16:00
Sunday10:00 - 22:00

We note that call-out expenses outside Flytanking AS's opening hours can be calculated.

How to pay takeoff charge or parking fee for your plane

From the main gate it is approx. 3 minute walk to the terminal. Here are taxi and information about bus connections. It's about 10 minute walk to the center of Bodø.

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