Private flights (GA)

Bergen Airport, Flesland welcomes small planes and offers parking for GA (General Aviation) flights.
Contact Avinor Operation - telephone +47 67031112, for escort service to stands and ordering passenger transport to and from the stand. Meeting points for passenger transport: Helicopter terminal (Port 5)

The airport is traffic regulated. Pre-approval ("Slot-time") is mandatory for all IFR flights. Application for the desired departure or arrival time is sent by e-mail to or call tel. +47 67031570.

Aircraft parking.


At Flesland, Flytanking AS offers AVGAS or Jet-A1 from the self-service pumps.

Please note that cards such as VISA, Mastercard etc are not accepted at the pumps. Payment must be either SHELL / AIR BP fuel card or fuel release.

Dedicated fuel cards are not to be ordered on the hour, so the alternative would be to get a fuel release. There are many suppliers here - but Rocket Route can be recommended for small aircraft - see link: RocketRoute
More information about fueling, prices, location, etc. can be found on the page: Aviation Fuelling Services Norway - Your provider of aviation fuel (

GA actors at the airport