Aviation charges

Aviation charges

Aviation charges are the charges paid by the airport and airspace users to cover operational costs and investments in Avinor’s infrastructure.

Charges regulations

The charges regulations include applicable rates excluding VAT. From 1 January 2005 Avinor has been subject to the VAT Act. All domestic flights are therefore subject to an additional charge of 25 percent. The additional charge does not apply to international flights.

Avinor is responsible for collecting a passenger complaint handling fee on behalf of the Air Passenger Complaint Handling Body. For 2018 the passenger complaint handling fee is set to 0,30 NOK per passenger.

An environmental charge of NOK 150,- per passenger applies to flights to Svalbard.

Aeronautical charges

Airport charges20172018
Take-off charge per ton MTOW  
< 75 tons6462
75-150 tons3131
>151 tons12,412,4
Passenger charge4948
Passenger charge, transfer international3534
Air navigation service charges20172018
TNC (OSL/BGO/SVG/TRD)*1884,631877,74
TNC (other airports)*1319,241314,42
En route430,06424,14
*Per service unit =(MTOW/50)^0,7  
Offshore charges20172018
En route (offshore):  
< 8 tons 840834
8-15 tons12171207
> 15 tons18741859
Take-off charge per ton MTOW (offshore)  
< 15 tons69246924

*As of 2016 offshore flights at other airports will pay takeoff charges per ton as commercial flights.


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