Consultancy services

We have experts in systems, technology, regulations and procedures, training, safety management and airspace design

Avinor Air Navigation Services offers consulting and advisory services to several customer groups.

We have experience in large and complex airspace changes, major construction projects at airports, replacement or deployment of new systems and implementation of training programmes, and safety evaluations associated with such projects.

Consultancy services can be delivered as individual assignments where appropriate, or the services can be provided to the customer as a comprehensive project solution where Avinor Air Navigation Services takes responsibility for the integrity of the delivery and manages the project from inception to operation.

Airspace design

We have in-depth knowledge of Norwegian airspace and topography and can develop proposed solutions for designing airspace and procedures to ensure a well functioning air traffic management system to and from one or more airports. For larger and more complex changes, solutions are quality- assured using simulators prior to implementation. We apply modern design criteria to our airspace designs, which take air safety, noise and greenhouse gas emissions into account.

Approach and departure procedures

Through our internal subcontractor in Avinor AS, we offer calculations of approach and departure procedures for airports that are integrated with airspace design solutions. Avinor's public information department is also responsible for map production and public announcements to airspace users in line with regulatory requirements.

Air navigation systems

Avinor Air Navigation Services offers a number of services related to engineering, procurement and operation of equipment for communication, navigation and surveillance. We also have expertise in projector systems and data processing. Avinor Air Navigation Services AS can offer airport customers complete solutions from procurement decision to approval and operation.

Airport projects

There is often a need to carry out major or minor changes of airports' physical design and infrastructure. Such projects usually have consequences for the airport's operations, both in terms of flight operations and technical systems. Avinor Air Navigation Services can offer comprehensive project solutions for these types of changes at an airport. A comprehensive approach protects air safety during the construction period, minimising the negative consequences for traffic management and ensuring that interdependencies are addressed throughout the project.

Safety management

We have expertise in safety management processes and safety analysis methodology. We can provide support for individual analyses to our clients or safety assessments as an integral part of project execution.  We are experienced in methodical and proactive safety work where aspects such as reporting culture, follow-up of incidents, transfer of experiences and safety improvement are key components.

Aeronautical meteorological service

Our professional staff includes meteorologists with operational experience from aeronautical meteorological services. We can design proposed concepts for local organising of the weather observation service at airports, along with instrumentation. We can provide airports with the necessary technical support for skills building programmes for personnel and subsequent maintenance of knowledge and skills, as well as manuals for the weather observation service. Our systems operations organisation can also support airports with engineering, procurement, installation and operation of instruments for use in aeronautical meteorological services.


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