Chinese airline Hainan Airlines is opening a direct route between the Chinese capital Beijing and Avinor Oslo airport in the spring of 2019, with three weekly departures.
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Carrying Norwegian seafood directly to China
Slovakian air freight company Air Cargo Global has started its new direct route between Avinor Oslo Airport and Tianjin Binhai International Airport in China.
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Europe’s top route developers are set for destination Bergen
Avinor and Bergen Airport, along with several closely-held partners, will host Routes Europe in 2020.
Norway in the news
"Neverland is real, it is Norway!"
Indian news channel presents Norway as a piece of heaven in disguise.

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Norway's first electric-powered flight takes to the skies
Norway’s first-ever electric-powered flight took place in June. The flight represents a key milestone in efforts to electrify Norwegian aviation
17% growth in Northern Lights tourism
Overnight stays in specially promoted markets within the Northern Lights region increased by 46,500 guest nights this winter season.