The Oslo market

The fresh pioneer spirit of Oslo is creating an international attraction and aviation hub.

Oslo's new Munch museum. Illustration: estudioHerreros

Norway’s fast-growing, governmental, economic and cultural capital. A uniquely compact global city on the rise and one of Europe’s youngest capitals. Here, leading businesses and a fast-growing startup scene thrive in an innovative and inspiring cultural centre. Oslo is a fountain of innovation in business, culture, the arts, sustainable living and the home of Norway’s Government Pension Fund. The world’s #1 sovereign wealth fund reached $1 trillion in 2017.


Norway’s biggest business centre. A global shipping, seafood and oil & gas centre. Also a fast-growing startup and innovation hub.

• #3 metropolitan area – Brookings Institute GDP rankings (2015)
• 6th most dollar millionaires per capita
• Projected 10.2 billion in Euro regional investments (2016–2020)
• #11 – World Economic Forum Global Growth Competitiveness (2016–2017)


Culture & tourism

The city has an extremely high quality of life, a rich culture and entertainment scene. Many travel experts consider Oslo to be the European cultural capital to visit now.

• European Commission: Oslo European Green capital 2019
• Best convention destination in Scandinavia (UIA Report 2016)
• Scandinavian-leading 5,000 live concerts annually
• The world’s highest density of Teslas. Over half of Oslo’s new cars are fully electric or hybrids.


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