Electric car charging

Electric Vehicle charging stations are available at the airport on certain car parks. The charging stations are using type 2 cables. Parking spaces for EV charging are reserved for vehicles who are connected to a charging station. To use a charging station, the car must be connected, and a charging session must be started. Avinor requires payment for charging. This is done through Avinor's app. You cannot reserve/book an EV-space.

Price for EV charging

Kr. 10,- per started hour connected – max price kr 50,- regardless of connection time. Payment is done in the Avinor app.

NOTE! The parking fee comes in addition to charging. The parking fee cannot be paid in the Avinor app. You will need to pay the parking fee the way you would normally do on the airport and car park in question. 

How to use the app

Preparations the first time:

  1. Download the app ”Avinor”. The app is free, and can be download from App Store or Google Play.
  2. Set up MyProfile in the app if you do not have this from before. You can use the solution without MyProfile, but with less functionality. 

Start the charging:

  1. Connect the desired charging station to your vehicle with a type 2 cable.
  2. Open the app and log onto MyProfile if you have it. Click on the icon for electric vehicle.
  3. Type in the pin code you find on the right or left side of the machine with large letters + A or B. Fill inn the rest of the info asked by the screen, including a valid payment card.
  4. The charging will start immediately.

Stop the charging:

  1. The charging session will last until the vehicle is fully charged or cable is removed. You cannot stop the charging session from the app.
  2. First, remove the cable from the vehicle, then on the charging station. Depending on your car, you may have to lock it up with the car key first.
  3. You will be automatically charged to your payment card
    Note: Connection in less than 10 minutes gives no payment. Connection in less than 5 hrs, payument will happen when the vehicle is fully charged or you remove the cable. Connection in more than 5 hrs means you will have reached the max price and payment will happen at this point, even if you stay connected for longer.Power will continue until the vehicle is fully charged or the cable is removed.
  4. You will receive a receipt on your e-mail at the payment moment.

Note that the vehicle may lose power if longterm parking in various ways. It can be due to cold weather or due to the vehicle using power to run Sentry Mode and similar functionalities. There is no maintenance charging so that you can pause or remote start a (new) charging session.

My Profile

My Profile is an Avinor service that remembers your information and history. It is used in connection with several of Avinors webshops, for example EV charging, parking pre-book and Click&Collect. Note that My Profile is independent of other profiles you may have from the parking operator app or website.