Find the right parking area

At Bergen airport Flesland we have more than 5000 parking spaces.

There are several different parking options to suit every budget. Choose whether you want to park indoor right next to the terminal, or park less expensive a little further away. If you book parking in advance, the price will be lower.

  • P12, P13, P14 and P15 are the new parking areas closest to the terminal with more than 1500 spaces.
  • 1-5 minutes’ walk to the terminal

Shall you bring someone to Bergen airport Flesland, drive to the upper level and hold the left lane. Note that this area are for drop off, and not parking. Drop off within 7 minutes is free of charge. Otherwise, the price is 50 kroner per commenced 20 minutes, from the time of commissioning.

Should you pick someone from the airport, please use P1 which is the parking area right in front of the terminal.  P1 is suitable for those who want to pick someone up or who need to park as close to the terminal as possible. Its 7 minutes free time, from entering the parking area to exit. Otherwise, it costs NOK 30 per commenced 20 minutes from the time of commissioning, NOK 90 per hour, and NOK 450 per day.

P2 - Indoor parking

The pick up – and drop off the rental cars is located on the ground floor of the parking garage. The entry and exit for rental cars is located at the end of the parking garage. From the parking garage is the roof-covered walkway to the terminal

Parking areas

P2 Indoor parking - You can`t park closer to the terminal

  • Indoors car park recommended for travelers who want to park next to the terminal
  • For vehicles up to 2.1m high.
  • 1-2 minute walk from the terminal

P5 and P6 - park minutes away from the terminal

  • Some of our most popular areas with a short walk to the terminal
  • Make sure you book well in advance for weekends and holidays
  • Online booking available. Book 5 hrs in advance
  • 6-8 minutes’ walk from the terminal

P7, P8 and P9 - budget friendly parking option

  • A price friendly area with a bit to walk
  • Recommended for longer stays 
  • Online booking available. Book 5 hours in advance-
  • 8-12 minutes’ walk from the terminal

P12, P13, P14 and P15 - park minutes away from the terminal

These are outdoor parking areas recommended for both long and short stays. Turn left at the Circle K roundabout, drive past the terminal and take the first exit on the right.  At P13 there is a separate area for charging for electric cars (44 charging stations).

  • P12, P13, P14 can be pre-ordered a minimum of 5 hours before entry.
  • Online booking available. Book 5 hours in advance.
  • 1-5 minutes’ walk from the terminal.

Electric charging points

  • We have charging for electric vehicles at the parking areas P13 and P16. Please see map for the EL car symbol.
  • Type 2 connector is used for charging. The chargers are reserved for vehicles charging. If you don’t need to charge, please use regular parking space.
  • The cost for charging is NOK 50,- will be in addition to the parking fee. Please see sign for information.

Disabled parking

All parking areas have spaces available for disabled.

  • P1 Short stay next to the terminal: 6 spaces
  • P2 Indoor parking: 8 spaces
  • P5: 3 spaces
  • P8: 3 spaces
  • P11 Helicopter terminal: 2 spaces

Motorbike parking

Parking for motorcyclist is free at Bergen airport. There are dedicated parking bays for motorcyclists at P2 indoor parking. These are located on the ground floor. Please don't park motorbikes in other car parking spaces, as you may be charged the full parking rate.


Bergen airport Flesland welcomes cyclists. However, cycles are left entirely at your own risk and Bergen airport cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to cycles or equipment left on site. Cycle parking is available on P4 and right outside the entrance to the terminal building.

Business parking agreement

Bergen Airport offer premium parking for businesses in P3 Indoor in self-park facilities. Ideal if you are looking for convenience. Please contact Sesam Parkering to make an agreement.