About numberplate recognition

The number plate is read when driving in and starts the parking time. You do not need to take a ticket. When you drive out, the number plate is read again and stops the parking time.

If you have paid for parking in advance (e.g. advantage parking, rental agreement, contract or booking), we have white-listed your car and you do not need to do anything at all. Check your agreement or booking confirmation for more information.

If you have not booked in advance:

  • Pay at the payment machine just before you drive out by entering your licence plate number
  • OR pay on your mobile phone within 48 hours after you have driven out
  • OR wait for invoice; there is an invoicing fee in addition

The system allows free time to drive through. If you drive out within this time you will not be charged. If you park for longer, the time will be counted from when you drove in.

With number plate recognition, there is no parking fine because of lack of payment.