Find the right parking area

At Ålesund Airport, Vigra there are 5 parking areas for paid parking. All of the; B2, P2, P5, P6 and P7 facilities also offer pre-order parking at a lower price than on request without order.

A variety of parking

Parking facility has a total of 1090 parking spaces. You can choose to park near the terminal, or at a lower price a bit further away.

Short-and long term (P2) Business - in front of the terminal

This terminal has 415 parking spaces.

Short term and long term (P5) – Affordable long-term

This area is located across the road south of air port. Drive straight ahead at the junction to the terminal. The area has 618 parking spaces.

P7 - economy

P7 is our most affordable parking area, located south-east of the terminal building.