Unserved and underserved routes to Norway

Unserved and underserved routes routes to Norway

The current top 10 unserved and underserved international routes to and from Norway are:

Top 10 unserved routes to and from Norway
#City PairFrom/toNon-stopIndirect
1OSL-SINOslo to Singapore-38,600
2BGO-FRABergen to Frankfurt-38,400
3OSL-TYOOslo to Tokyo-34,100
4OSL-DELOslo to Delhi-33,700
5OSL-SHAOslo to Shanghai-32,200
6OSL-WASOslo to Washington-30,600
7OSL-HKGOslo to Hong Kong-29,800
8OSL-LEDOslo to St. Petersburg-29,000
9OSL-SELOslo to Seoul-27,000
10SVG-PARStavanger to Paris-26,600
Top 10 underserved routes to and from Norway
#City PairFrom/toNon-stopIndirect
1SVG-STOStavanger to Stockholm13,00042,600
2BGO-STOBergen to Stockholm108,70041,100
3OSL-MILOslo to Milan80,60038,000
4OSL-GVAOslo to Geneva48,70036,700
5OSL-MIAOslo to Miami51,70034,800
6TRD-CPHTrondheim to Copenhagen37,70034,100
7OSL-SFOOslo to San Francisco27,10033,600
8OSL-BKKOslo to Bangkok113,90033,000
9OSL-MADOslo to Madrid72,00032,900
10OSL-LAXOslo to Los Angeles29,80032,300

Source: OAG Traffic Analyser.
Updated: Feb 2020
The passenger numbers are based on round trip Origin-Destination for 2019.


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