Unserved and underserved routes to Norway

Unserved and underserved routes routes to Norway

The current top 10 unserved and underserved international routes to and from Norway are:

Top 10 unserved routes to and from Norway
#City PairFrom/toNon-stopIndirectDistance
1OSL-SINOslo to Singapore-18,11210,036 km
2BGO-FRABergen to Frankfurt-14,9481,162 km
3BGO-MUCBergen to Munich-14,5951,395 km
4OSL-IADOslo to Washington-14,4006,275 km
5OSL-DELOslo to Delhi-13,7475,977 km
6BGO-CDGBergen to Paris-13,4921,268 km
7OSL-HKGOslo to Hong Kong-13,4568,560 km
8SVG-BKKStavanger to Bangkok-11,8109,007 km
9OSL-SFOOslo to San Francisco-11,7948,363 km
10OSL-MNLOslo to Manila-11,5649,678 km
Top 10 underserved routes to and from Norway
#City PairFrom/toNon-stopIndirectDistance
1OSL-GVAOslo to Geneva18,82119,6821,588 km
2SVG-ARNStavanger to Stockholm7,13719,431705 km
3BGO-ARNBergen to Stockholm52,23619,140712 km
4OSL-FCOOslo to Rome59,88118,6582,048 km
5OSL-MADOslo to Madrid19,79518,3822,415 km
6OSL-BKKOslo to Bangkok56,82717,7418,678 km
7TRD-ARNTrondheim to Stockholm11,41717,567564 km
8OSL-LAXOslo to Los Angeles14,64516,4848,602 km
9OSL-TLVOslo to Tel Aviv1,55115,4933,589 km
10BGO-GOTBergen to Gothenburg30913,950501 km

Source: OAG Traffic Analyser.
Updated: 29-08-2017
The tables and figure show one-way Origin-Destination passenger traffic in 2016.


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