Incentive program for airliners

Avinor provides incentive programs to all airlines operating at our airports, to stimulate traffic growth. The purpose of financial participation is to reduce risk related to starting up new routes, to contribute to better financial results for Avinor, and improve service to travelers.

All applications for support must be sent to Avinor AS before the project or route starts.

Incentives are also available to help tour operators and their charter airline partners establish new tourism products to northern Norway. The Charter Fund Northern Norway is an incentive scheme, managed by the Northern Norway Tourist Board. Learn more about Charter Fund Northern Norway.

Incentive schemes

  • Startup aid for new passenger and cargo routes
  • Passenger growth bonus
    • Direct grants to finance marketing activities
    • Assistance in establishing Route Development Funds (RDF)

Startup aid for passenger routes

Avinor provides startup discounts for passenger routes, in the form of a reduction in charges for a limited period. 

Route typeMaximum discountYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
IntercontinentalTake-off charge100 %90 %80 %40 %20 %
 Passenger charge90 %70 %50 %30 %20 %
EuropeTake-off charge100 %75 %50 %  
 Passenger charge40 %30 %20 %  

For complete details, download our passenger startup guide (387 KB).

A bonus is awarded for each additional departing passenger, between each calendar year and the next, based on the number of passengers for which the passenger charge is payable. The bonus is calculated at airline group level, using passenger traffic data covering all of Avinor airports. 

The bonus is awarded for increases to the number of departing chargeable passengers, above the level of the previous calendar year.

The amount of the bonus is:
• Departing intercontinental passenger: 100%
• Departing international passenger: 50%
• Departing domestic passenger: 25%

For complete details, download our complete bonus scheme guide here.

Updated 1st August, 2017.

Marketing assistance for passenger routes

The aim is to participate in connection with the start-up of new routes or other extraordinary activities at the airport.

The direct grant will only be given once to the same activity and may cover up to 50 % of external project costs (not including use of internal personnel or resources). The amount of the grant will be considered in light of expected effect on Avinors results. The marketing activities must be part of a project plan which must be profitable in the long term for both for the company applying for the grant and for Avinor.

A written application must be made available to Avinor before the activities in question have been initiated.

Updated 22nd June, 2018.

Route development fund for passenger routes

We provide direct grants of up to 50% for participation in Route Development Funds (RDFs), aimed at increasing the number of visitors abroad to local regions.

Updated 1st April, 2016.

Startup aid for cargo routes

Avinor provides cargo start-up discounts in the form of a reduction in takeoff charges for a limited period.

DiscountYear 1Year 2Year 3
Takeoff Charge100 %30 %20 %

For complete details, download our complete cargo startup aid guide here.

Updated 1st February, 2017.


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