Avinor passenger growth 2018

Oslo airport has become the fastest growing transfer hub in Scandinavia, and regional airport Ålesund had +5% growth in passengers. See the year in numbers.

2018-growth-01.png54.4 million passengers travelled through Avinor's airports in 2018. That is 1.5 million more than in 2017. The growth came from 0.8 million more international and 0.7 million more domestic passengers.

Average passenger number per flight was 69 on domestic routes (+5%) and 120 on international routes (-0.4%).

Oslo and Bergen airports led passenger growth in 2018. Oslo grew by 3.8% and Bergen by 3.3%.

2018-growth-04.pngTromsø had the largest passenger growth of the regional airports: 96,000 more passengers, an increase of 4.4%.

2018-growth-05.pngOslo airport was the largest transfer hub in Scandinavia in 2018, moving 3.5 million transfer passengers (26% transfer share).

2018-growth-06.pngThe largest overall passenger growth was on routes to Poland and France. The markets have grown by 18% (Poland) and 16% (France) in 2018. Poland had 203,000 more passengers and France 126,000.


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