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Norway’s seafood industry is surging forward, increasing its reach westwards and to the far east.

Photo: Johan Wildhagen

Seafood export value doubled from 2014 to 2015, and increased another 23.9% to 2016. The fastest growing export markets in 2017 were USA, Vietnam and China. The world’s largest seafood terminal opens at OSL in 2020.

Seafood set to hit new records

Norway’s seafood industry is surging forward, increasing its reach westwards and to the far east. Already dominating the European market, the highest seafood export growth rate now takes place outside the Schengen economic area. On a daily basis, some 600 tons of seafood is airfreighted from Norway to Asia and North America.

New offshore technology, closed farms and on-shore installations make the 2050 projection, EUR 50 billion annually, achievable. The weight-to-value ratio of farmed Norwegian salmon has reached an upper threshold that demands volume growth. Significant investments have been made in the research and development of new groundbreaking fish-farming technology. As a result, Norway’s fish farmers are now launching a new generation of installations that will dramatically
increase the volume of seafood produced.


Seafood validates oslo airport’s scandinavian hub ambition

The competition to become Scandinavia’s new hub is undoubtedly fierce. And despite Norway’s enviable position of holding the majority of Scandinavia’s natural beauty and its booming Northern Lights tourism, it’s the “seafood in the belly” potential that sets Norway apart from the competition. Although Norway is already the biggest cargo market in the Nordics, there’s significant room for growth, with only 39% of Norway’s air cargo activity leaving Norway directly by air. Outbound air cargo from Norway remains an underserved market. The lack of direct belly and freighter capacity remains a challenge for Norwegian exporters, with current export volumes expected to double by year 2025 and grow by a factor of 5 within the next 30 years.

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